UK, Groudhog day

Covid symptom study

Cases, + 217,150 = 3,763,847

UK R = 0.9

Cases, down 19% on the week

One in 17 symptomatic

Cases down in all age groups, over 75 coming down faster

Cases down in all regions

UK hospitalisations remain relatively high


Runny nose, 84%

Fatigue, 72%

Headache, 69%

Sore throat, 69%

Sneezing, 69%

Persistent cough, 56%

Hoarse, 49%

Chills or shivers, 37%

Joint pains, 34%

Fever, 32%

Dizzy, 32%

Brain fog, 29%

Sore eyes, 26%

Altered smell sensation, 25%

Muscle pains, 23%

Lower back pain, 23%

Swollen glands, 21%

Skipped meals, 10%

Ear ringing, 19%



W/E 9th April

6.92% in England (1 in 14 people)

7.63% in Wales (1 in 13 people)

5.23% in Northern Ireland
(1 in 19 people)

5.98% in Scotland (1 in 17 people)

Self-reported long COVID as of 5 March 2022

1.7 million people

2.7% of the population

69% long COVID symptoms at least 12 weeks

45% at least one year

Fatigue, 51%

Shortness of breath, 34%

Loss of smell, 28%

Muscle ache, 24%

Symptoms adversely affected the day-to-day activities, 67%


Infected with COVID-19 or vaccinated

Week beginning 28 March 2022

Percentage of adults, antibodies above a 179 nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml)

98.9% in England

98.8% in Wales

99.2% in Northern Ireland

99.0% in Scotland

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Dr Campbell your a smart man. You keep asking why China is still seeking covid zero ?????
    The proof is in the pudding.
    By their actions they speak culpability here’s how;
    1. While other nations was trying to figure out what covid was, China already made the decision Covid Zero, they carried people kicking and screaming into quarantine camps, they wore n95 day one ground zero, they locked-down huge cities, they still seek covid zero. They never sought SARS zero !!!!!!
    The reason China acted stead fast from day one and acted in a way no other nation responded Is because the scientists that were working on covid 19 chimera in lab and accidentally leaked it told their government exactly what to expect !!!!!
    They were not guessing with Covid Zero, they were told how bad it was in Lab and to seek Covid ZERO Because it mutates constantly and herd immunity is a long shot.
    Through Chinas unwavering response shows culpability and intimate knowledge of the virus.

  2. I've recovered from covid naturally. I reported it . My friends that got jabbed and got covid didnt report it because they felt too ashamed how gullible they are. But doc please tell me why , my friends that are jabbed had several jabs several side effects and caught covid more than twice ! Who is better off ? The gov loving muppets jabbed up with experimental drugs? Or the people that went against the awful mandate of force injection of experimental drugs? What kind of sick person would support that ? . I have a friend that's security for the frauds that manufactured the test kits those people went from millionaires to billionaires in 2 years. What and who is the real sickness! ??

  3. South Australian here. With profound relief I can say I have Covid, according to the authorities' CPR test. Symptoms: a sore throat that abated within hours, a day in bed feeling washed out (day 2), congestion, runny nose. After 4 days, can't wait to get out of quarantine. Double vaxed with booster, been taking zinc for years.

  4. What is the point of counting cases that are not clinically significant (requiring hospital)? Mutations/ variants are as old as time. How have we reached billions in population if not for natural immunity? We are born to die, why do we fight nature, why not moderate lifestyle, exercise, eat healthy. It's better than being a slave to pharmacopoeia?

  5. Omicron seems to be far more infectious possibly due to needing one protein ACE2 To infect a cell. Previous variants required two proteins ACE2 and TMPRSS2. The upside is it is far more susceptible to interferon response which naturally occurs in the body. Science can be a wonderful thing, most of us are not out to destroy humanity and have actually spent countless hours and braincells trying to do ourittle bit to help!

  6. They will have tested for natural immunity John. The obvious reason that the Government do not want to release these data is that it may have a negative impact on vaccine uptake among the general public. When vaccination is no longer an issue they will be released.

  7. OK. Time to start talking about the ‘Zoe COVID Symptom Tracker’. Are these symptoms self declared? Are they independently tested or verified in any way? Because it’s starting to seem like every niggle ‘could’ be COVID. Pretty soon, Covid will be responsible for my hangnail. Call me cynical, but COVID is the gift that keeps on giving – if you are a full sick pay recipient (such as all Civil Servants and many Public Servants). COVID absences are still not being counted for attendance management purposes. The more symptoms included, the more ailments come under the free pass currently available to literally millions of workers. Just saying……

  8. Will have to Listen To What Dr Dunegan Said Again on his 4 Tapes when he told people about Dr Richard Day in 1969. Equipment would be stolen from Hospitals So they Can bring in Security, All Hostpitals now have CCTV and Security Officers, Why did Funeral Director John O'looney Not Be allowed to leave Hostpital, They Said he was a Dangerous To Others?? He Never Tested Positive For Covid and he said They Tested him every day. Why did they try to give him Remde$ivir that causes Breathing Problems, When he refused that these University Doctors tried to give him 2 other Experimental Drugs, have name somewhere. He tried to Discharge himself and they Call Security, Still not tested Positive, He had to get a Doctor and Ex Police Guy Mark Sexton To assist getting him out of there as they were trying to Ki!! Him

  9. So why are lots of people being hospitalized? omicron is very weak and the South African studies show it is nothing more than a mild cold for most people. This is turning back into BS. Counting cases and being tested now, is pointless and deceptive. You need to start promoting that if you have co-morbidity you need to be careful and if not just get on with your damn life!

  10. I was told by my GP in Sydney that they cannot test in a way that can determine the difference between vaccine and natural immunity. I didn't believe her and your comments that it IS possible makes much more sense.

  11. John, I clicked back on this video bcos your video entitled Encoraging video seems to have been deleted. It said no stream. Is there a reason for that. I had no problem with any other videos. Pls advised.

  12. The timing of the outbreaks in the southern hemisphere meant that the levels of Vit D, Vit C and other nutrients are higher due to the summer sun and fresh seasonal food. I wonder how South America, India and African nations stack up with this theory? Though many South Americans are city based and may not have access to the nutritional advantages found…

  13. Why are people still "thanking" this guy? Aside from it being a waste of a comment, this guy has been wrong about everything he has ever said. He claimed Omicron would be the end of the pandemic. Nope. Pandemic is going to go on forever.

  14. When are you going to talk about the government COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 42 particularly page 23 .. "(UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination."

  15. In the UK where and how is the data being collected or is it a statistical guess now. It appears that all that has gone before has been forgotten. Covid does not figure much as a topic in MSM. Were any of the restrictions worth it and where is the review evidence to confirm they had beneficial effect.

  16. XE HAS ARRIVED IN NEW ZEALAND. A person traveling from overseas and arriving in New Zealand has been confirmed as having the XE variant .

  17. Thankyou Dr John for your knowledge and time posting your vids,Now in New Zealand they are not reporting daily cases or hospitalizations on mainstream media anymore. Best wishes to you and all you viewers and followers,stay well,from, Auckland, New Zealand.

  18. You were missed!
    Have any governments stopped isolating covid patients in hospitals? I know you said soon, but when do you think the change should happen?
    The thought that something else is going on in China is very very scary…

  19. I had a positive lft test (work protocol) had no symptoms nothing, I tested without putting the swab up my nose …positive, did one without putting anything in the liquid ….positive, so forgive me but the tests and all its based on is pants how many thousands have been recorded as positive into the figures the whole thing is based on Shaky foundations

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