UK Is On The Brink Of Collapse!! What Happens Next?

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Written by George Gammon


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  1. Yes, well looks like the yanks are hopping mad not every country is doing what the Fed wants. Jeez, if we're not being Klaus'd by the WEF and the wokerati, we're being admonished by Austrian school macro fetishists. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I do love you tho' George. Keep 'em coming.

  2. The banks and rich getting richer at the expense of peoples suffering … surprise surprise … at some point soon I hope more people realise the politicians aren’t here to help anything other than their own greedy agendas. More systemic corruption of the highest order that ‘Russia’ will be blamed for. The enemy is on our own doorsteps … were being screwed! Great vid George

  3. Thank you George. Nice to see you back at your usual setting and I hope you recovery from the surgery is going well.
    It's almost criminal that the vast majority of people are completely unaware of what is happening.

  4. Thank you for the fantastic free lecture! Though I strongly disagree with the idea that QE alone leads to even more inflation! QE leading to an increase in M2 does not necessarily lead to higher inflation AS LONG AS it does not get into the consumer spending cycle. One of the reasons (arguably the only one) for the terrible inflation readings across the world after a decade of QE globally with low inflation, is gigantic pandemic spending aka putting it into consumer hands and thus letting it roam free outside the enclosed financial „doom loop“… Nonetheless the system as we know it is dead and is just being kept alive on life support for the roll out of the next financial system (progr. CBDC perhaps 🤔?)

  5. George, what you are missing is they knew the tanking would happen and THAT was the goal. Awhile back, you did a video talking about in the 80s other currencies were intentionally tanked to prop up the dollar. Guess what this is? They are hiding doing it, but it looks like the intentional tanking of numerous currencies to prop up the dollar. But the dollar is also weakening, but strengthening relative to the currencies they tanked to prop up the dollar. Why isn't it across the board? Because Russia and China are not in on it, the BRICS efforts to build out the alternative to the USD global economy, etc. So it would work if everyone was onboard. But everyone is not. And we all are headed into a depression anyways, just the EU will be the impact crater.

    The news is pushing the narrative that the US is the primary beneficiary of the EU collapse, with businesses moving to the US, but it ignores the benefit also going to China, our economic adversary. As such, weakening the EU strengthened both the US and China. Except China actually produces goods and over 1/3 of our economy is financials, as we in the 70s decided, in our infinite wisdom, to start counting financials toward GDP (which if you exclude, China is so far beyond us right now, it is absurd). As such, our systemic weakness coming for the financial sector is absolutely going to continue to weaken, whereas China's issue is weakening demand, as they can produce to the moon. Good thing the US is ignorant and is poking for a war with China! Well, good for China, not the US.

    Why? Because China can move to wartime production much in the way the US did in WW2. The US no longer has the manufacturing base they did in WW2, but China's is larger than even ours was back then. You go to war, you drop demand, because they have a central planned, state run economy, they can move the workers in part over to massive production of weapons, munitions, ships, aircraft, etc. They already produce the parts for the globe, now they will move displaced workers from weakened global demand over to the production of weapons to fight the US. Why can't the US do the same? Aside from the aforementioned dismantling of our manufacturing base, we also do not have the rare earth minerals necessary to construct our major weapons at speed. Our supply chains are screwed. And China OWNS most of the global rare earth minerals. When you rely on the person you want to go to war with to have the base materials to build your weapons, you might want to think twice before starting that war.

    If you look at the analyses on the weapons given to Ukraine, you find that for every HIMARs missile produce, Ukraine is firing 6 missiles. That is unsustainable, even if we were the ones firing them instead of Ukraine. This is why our stock has dropped where we are practically tapped on what we can send to Ukraine, hence why some of the money is actually going to MIC producers to increase production capability. But, then you have stinger missiles which we have shipped at minimum 25% to Ukraine, but due to not being produced since around 2000, the microprocessors used don't exist anymore, so now we have to redesign from the ground up and it is estimated to take 24-33 months. What about Javelins? Same story as the stingers, to a degree. We shipped 1/3 of our stores over to Ukraine, but it will take 2-3 years to replenish. What about the Paladin systems promised to Taiwan? We took those and shipped them to Ukraine, then gave Taiwan an IOU, let them pick something else for delivery, and said it would take until 2026 before we could replace the 40 systems we promised to Taiwan, some of which didn't even have computer systems yet when we shipped them to Ukraine.

    Stop only looking at the financial side and start looking at the implications of the war. By understanding that, you can then see their idea of starting a world war to boost the economy won't work. Instead, they are just pumping money into the hands of a few, production is more automated than ever, so jobs are not created at the rates they were during WW2, which the war acted as a jobs program.

  6. Watching this the global reserve currency isn't the dollar its energy.

    Everything should be pegged to a 1Kw of energy.

    The world economy is fucked. The is simple way out of it is to increase the energy supply.

    Germany and yk shoukd start mini g coal again and suadi Arabia increase oil production and hey presto theres something for all this extra money to buy and cheaper resources for production

  7. The Dark Force looming over the UK is that this round of QE in the UK does not creates inflation as it happened back during the last decade….🤙🇺🇸

  8. I heard because of innovation is naturally deflationary the world has struggled to reach the desired 3% inflation as people save and hold cash realised there product will be cheaper next year. The counter measure to this is the government printing money to balance this out. There trying to catch up to were they need to be I flatiron wise over the last 15 years. Because inflation eats away at the government debt which I believe is on a fixed I treat rate. Deflation, inflation and govement debt almost balances it's self out as long as the economy is growing

  9. Is inflation in the UK 9%
    Year on Year items today (same shop same items – September 21 – September 22 (yes I keep my grocery bills))


    Coffee 1.09 – 1.59 45%

    Pasta 0.39 – 0.69 77%

    Butter 159 – 205 28%

    Cheese 149 – 199 33%


    Food Ave 45%

    Diesel litre 135 – 180 33%

    (Domestic gas by 91%, electricity by 70%)
    Rents ave = 12.3%
    Mortgages..? About to double?

  10. I'm sorry George, whilst i don't have a problem with your explanation of the economics, I don't think that you've portrayed the context of this correctly.
    The Gilt run was caused by Final Salary Pension funds, effecctively gambling on rates staying low and getting hammered by margin calls when the £1.5T deriviatives (LDIs) they'd tinkered with (using Gilts as collateral) were underfunded. They only liquid assets they had were Gilts, so had to sell them into a falling market and pushed the price down further, causing further margin calls – hence causing a downward spiral.
    The reduction from 45% to 40% top rate income tax will cost about £2B – which is small fry when compared to the reduction in National Insurance and Corporation Tax (about £40B) – not to mention the cost of capping energy bills (£60-£150B). The NI tax increase is effectively a tax on jobs and should never have been imposed when inflation was already on the rise. Truss just really cancelled these taxes before they became effective. I don't think you've factored in the tax that will accrue due to Fiscal Drag either – that's about £45B (because tax thresholds are frozen here for the next 4 years)
    As for UK inflation, well it is currently below that of the overall EU inflation rate and lower than both that of Germany and Holland (17.5%!!). However, the real problem is that the Fed is raising rates agressively and in effect, exporting it's inflation elsewhere. The Euro and Yen have fallen just as sharply against the dollar. So this is not just a UK problem – but a global one.

  11. In principle I think tax cuts are a good thing but that doesn't get Kwarteng off the hook. What they've done (it is Truss in the driving seat) is to try and copy what Thatcher did but neither of them have the faintest idea what they're doing.

    Tax cuts are austrian and austrian is the way to solve this problem, …but! As George says the tax cuts should not be 'funded' by borrowing. The fact that Kwarteng even chose the word 'fund' demonstrates there's a problem. If tax cuts produce more wealth then why would they need funding?

    The fundamental problem is that, at it's foundations, the UK economy – the real economy as George calls it, is operating at a loss. We are consuming more than we are producing. The financial economy acts as a thin veneer which has hidden the reality of the failing 'real' economy for years but it's at breaking point now.

    Truss thinks that setting the UK on a path that grows the GDP is the solution – after all it sounds like a good idea. The problem is that the two economies are so detached they are like a kid's toy steering in a car – the kid can turn it and think he's influencing the direction of the car but it's only make believe.

  12. The blind leading the blind right off the economic cliff into the abyss of depression. Lean and mean times ahead.
    Remember. "it's for the greater good" and "we are all in this together." words that will haunt you to your grave. Sorry for the Blackpill. Lol

  13. Love the videos – but I’m not sure where the assumption that gov spending will increase came from… what I am reading is the gov intends to reduce the size of government and spending – detail due to be released end of November

  14. Ya’ll wanna know how far this is going to go?

    “And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭6:5-6‬ ‭KJVAAE‬‬


    Better aspire to become the oil or wine before it gets to this degree.

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