UK Moves To Remove Internet Anonymity


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  1. same person who made the comment about starving the irish

    “If Priti Patel really did suggest that Britain should use the threat of food shortages to force Ireland to change its approach to Brexit, which I find hard to believe, then I’m more shocked than I can say. Have we learned nothing since the 1840s?”

  2. The Government removing online anonymity in an attempt to socially pressure people to stop shitposting forgets to take the autism of the average shitposter into account

  3. These people are so out of touch, paranoid , and want more power and control. If politicians can not cope with mean words they should stay at home.its no longer Scotland it's korland, with the snp replacing anyone's deity😂😂😂😂 it's so PATHETIC, You can imagine them phoneing their parents crying after being called a mean word asking them to sort the meanies out😂😂😂

  4. I got no problem with not being anonymous anymore.
    All of our data is out there anyway so whats the point

    Also Ive got nothing to hide because im not a piece of shit on the internet _(ツ)_/¯

  5. A part of me thinks this is okay. You can't walk down the street wearing a balaclava threatening to r^pe people. And what's the point of anonymity when they still hunt down and persecute people who anonymously blew the whistle like Chelsea Manning? Or people who allowed them to like Julian Assange? People need to start voting based on affecting real change, not piecemeal, populist lip service.
    What good is online anonymity if we can't guarantee and afford it to heroes? Oh, but you totally need it to send pics of your wenis or booba to someone? That's another thing. If the internet is treated like an extension of the town square and everyone can see who you are and what you're doing, maybe it will cut down on the lightspeed proliferation of degeneracy.

  6. the socialists can't be trusted because they are open in their distain for democracy and individual rights
    the tories can't be trusted because the moment they think they can get away with it they will start sticking their noses into other peoples private lives so they can tell them how to live, by what standards and that they should do as they are told even as masses of scandals spill out on the news over "improprieties"

  7. What angers me about this, was that there was a counter-petition to this kind of thing which only over 20,000 people signed :S. Yet over 100K signed a petition for internet ID laws when a D list celebrity started one… Maybe we as a nation deserve it? Maybe we're too ignorant to be allowed to speak.

    We had a chance to push against it but no one cared enough! We should shut up, pay our taxes, and deal with it : /

  8. Question: Why would anyone continue to use social media if this is happens? Social Media is becoming a bigger money maker than oil, Facebook now Meta's entire industry is built on social media. You could say "that's what they want, to stop you talkin'!" but do they also want these corpos to lose major loads of money and investment? I don't think so. Mark Zuckerberg despite how far gone he is now from when he was in his early 20s must know the core reason anyone even made a Facebook account want to privately connect with others and understand a person without their permission so you had a good pick up line to use later, anonymity is social media, without it, no one will log on. I truly believe this.

  9. Imagine if you had to formally introduce yourself and present an ID before calling some dumbass on the street a moron. Unless you're a Brit, in that case don't bother imagining that. It'll become your new reality any day now, so why waste your imagination? Imagine living in a free country instead.

  10. Why won’t people in England stand up and demand they have privacy? The people have the power to demand that data is not collected at all. It’s just gets leaked out and used to dox and harass political thinkers, and try to brainwash people into civil wars so the rich people can buy everything for cheap.

    If people don’t stand up for their rights and their freedom, they are gonna lose it and be completely enslaved before long. The prisons are already getting completely stuffed full of poor people.

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