UK Parliament To BLOCK Huawei 5G

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UK Parliament To BLOCK Huawei 5G

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. The fact that the House of Lords isplanning to reject this upcoming bill is proof that it is not yet dead. I don't trust Parliament to reject it, and I won't believe it is dead until I see it. China buys peole off and Britain is not immune to corruption.

  2. Huawei and 5g must be stopped in this country. However Cambridge may be in its pocket look and research the chicanery of the council approving a multi million pound Mother ship

  3. A small bit of positive news in a sespit of biased left wing news, we don’t want to have China involved with our security NO WAY !!!!!

  4. As a recently serving vat & customs officer and civil servant dealing with tariffs the uk doesn’t need Europe … all these idiots on the outside saying we need a deal with Europe … WE DONT … the WTO and other deals will be Britain’s 2nd coming prosperity in 2-4 years not Austerity… tariffs always have been political tools .. so many ill informed idiots who’ve never been in Government…

  5. It's interesting that you say that Huawei are not allowed to trade in Iran. Iran must have links with China though because they were one of the earliest distant countries outside China to be badly affected by Covid. I think there must have been trade links by air between the 2 countries. Not surprising if so, as Trump has placed a trade embargo on Iran.
    Only Londoners can vote out Sadiq Khan if they wish to. How would she feel if Londoners could get rid of Boris or her MP with a petition? That's not how democracy works. We are all allowed to elect our own local representatives.

  6. Mahyar many thanks for another interesting video, and thank you for your good work in keeping us all informed. Look after the U.K. folks !. Block this deal. People need to understand that the world is 10 times more ruthless than they think. Many countries vying for power and control, economic wealth and infrastructure. They will do anything to achieve this including the world of underhanded cyber warfare, spying on our intellectual property. It is but one tool in a countries arsenal. Inevitably we all want a peaceful world where we can all work together for humanity. In this segment of the 21st century we are not there yet. It’s on going.

  7. I wonder just how much Sadiq Kahn has spent of taxpayers’ money since he has been Mayor and what it was specifically spent on? Good to see you on a Parler. (Banbar)

  8. The whole Huawei 5 G being stopped World Wide comes from Trump Pressure….because he owes the Chinese Bank Hundreds of Millions…he doesn’t want to pay! It has nothing to do with some made up sinister plan, that Politicians keep going on about….it’s America Telling everyone….what to do…..just like when Trump decided to no longer accept the Democratic elected President….of Venezuela, which was wrong on so many levels….but all the Nations of Europe, including UK…..said they no longer accept the him as President of Venezuela! The Zionists in Israel, decide what needs to be done, the Puppet Regime in Washington snaps to it……Corporate America is crushing world businesses and paying no tax…..Israel said they need more money….US approves 38.5 Billion over ten years….along with the already 4 Billion a year they’re getting….but American people have no right to Free Universal Healthcare! Soon the US will be Annexing Canada and UK…..then you’ll understand first hand…about the Evil Empire….first you’ll get all their Monsanto created GMO’s in the Trade Agreement Boris, aka Mini Trump is anxious to get from his look alike in the Oval Office…..wake up UK, all your Lords, Princes, and so called Queen and can’t wait to be King, fellow wont be helping you!

  9. I know it sounds conspiracy but 3 of us at home have had faint headaches with a teeth on edge tingle sensation on and off for 5 weeks, one day its there next day fine then back again then nothing for 3-4 days then simular pattern again. 5g went live in our area 25th May full area switch on 5th June, since then we've been having this, could be coincidence it's not covid before anyone says it

  10. If the SNP really want to be independent let them refuse money from England to prove they really are capable of running Scotland by themselves. They are always asking billions for this or billions for that.

  11. So why did Boris reaffirm Theresa May's deal with the CPC's mouth [& ear piece] Huawei in the first place ?? It was a massive misjudgement and seems to have taken the deaths of 40,000 UK citizens to make him see 'the error of his ways' !

  12. It's about time Britan woke up China is stealing technology from all over the world and no one country should trust China Huawei G5 is the thin edge of the wedge China is becoming very dangerous to a lot of other countries, bullying smaller countries close to China LOL LMBO

  13. Cant understand people,moaning about China.Every one with half a brain cell knows
    what the Chinese are up to.The only way you can help the people of
    Hong kong is to stop buying Chinese products.

  14. Yes blm should go over to Palestine, Moh was very fond of who he called ''his raisin heads'', giving them life-long job security as ̶s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶ servants. In many ways he was a true visionary!
    For example..
    Prophet Mohammad doesn't get any credit for being the first to provide exclusive & entirely free health care for blks, can't have unwanted pregnancy's if your testicles have been hacked off!

  15. Delighted to say I 'nearly' bought something last weekend, until I saw the "Made in China" label……..Back it went on to the shelf, Phew that was close!

  16. Nick Timothy's excellent article in the Daily Telegraph shows the problem & the solution. Boris must repeal the Human Rights & Equality Acts which drive the leftist policies of the public services: the BBC, the police, state education, justice, immigration etc. Take back control!

  17. About – Momentum

    With the Labour party's Momentum left wing in control of Labour who openly support campaign groups such as Black Lives Matter regardless of the group's political aims to defund the Police and end capitalism and everything else that the country needs right now to get through Brexit and the pandemic I can't understand why anyone supports the Labour party right now

  18. Who give,s a FK we no longer live in a free THINKING Independent Country I see people every day walking around with thing,s on their face some DEMOCRACY and this is happening on your watch Boris