UK peaks, China locks down

UK, decline has just started

Symptoms after two years

Tim Spector vindicated, 1st April

Updated quietly, overnight, no announcement, no apology, no refencing

1st April

End of free testing in England

Tim Spector report


Runny nose, 82%

Fatigue, 70%

Headache, 69%

Sore throat, 69%

Sneezing, 68%

Persistent cough, 54%

Hoarse, 47%

Chills or shivers, 36%

Joint pains, 33%

Fever, 32%

Dizzy, 30%

Brain fog, 28%

Sore eyes, 25%

Altered smell, 24%

Muscle pains, 23%

Lower back pain, 23%

Swollen glands, 21%

Skipped meals, 18%

Ear ringing, 17%


Lateral flow tests, 20% false negatives
(confirmed by same day PCR positive tests)

2.6 % of LTS tests give a false positive

Best to swab nose AND throat

R = 1

Prevalence, One in 14

Rates will remain high for a long time

75 +, plateau

Other age groups downward trend

China, Shanghai

Two years of zero-Covid policies

Shanghai, 25 million people, citywide lockdown since early April,

because of a surge in Omicron

Saturday, cases + 25,000

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. The peak in UK doesn’t include the many that have given up on testing though . Most people I know don’t bother anymore as work responsibilities and financial issues cost of living and heating being the priority. Most vulnerable have already had the worst outcomes such as Death and hospitalisation, so their will be less hospitalised folk I think 🤔 So I’d probably assume the peak is a lot higher at the moment . 🙏

  2. Dr. John, while I appreciate your sentiments regarding the WHO, by the time we were made aware there was a virus and could have stopped flights, the virus had already escaped. It was circulating in northern Italy in December 2019. When did WHO know?

  3. Thank you so so much for updating us all about what is going on in the different regions of this world (and the conclusions accordingly) – especially about Africa a few days ago… one could wonder, why there has been only omicron 1 there – no 2 and either the combination of both… time will tell.
    Btw… those updating symptoms – overnight, bizarrely quiet – I don't think they saw any suffering soul within the last decade…

  4. It’s like as if the Govt don’t want to acknowledge the Covid Symptom Tracker, as they never have. Maybe they were concerned(?) that there would be huge disruption to business etc if they’d updated symptoms many months ago, which we’re seeing now with so many people off work. Obviously not a coincidence that the “new” symptoms came out once free testing ended. On the other hand, call me cynical but I think it’s getting to the point now where some people see Covid as the gift that keeps on giving in terms of having a few more sick days! I’m sure we’ve all worked with those “usual suspects” who seem to take get sick on a regular basis. Regarding aspiration, I don’t see that changing in the UK now.

  5. When are they going to help people with long Covid ? Drs don’t seem to offer any help for all manor of symptoms. I’ve had 80% of these symptoms now for two years . 🤷‍♀️ is their even a care package for this ? Are we expected to indefinitely live with such amount of symptoms without any remedies . It’s crazy that surgery doesn’t even give out victims that could reduce some issues or medication to help with energy levels etc . It’s like medication doesn’t exist when we know it does .

  6. I wear KN95 & a 3 ply surgical mask when im out in enclosed, public, places & i still social distance…I'm thinking that when a person contracts BA2 that they remain very infectious & can spread the virus for more than 14 days …why do I say this…Well, I was infected with BA2 & because I haven't been leaving the house often I know exactly which day & where I became infected…I did an RT PCR test 6 days after exposure which showed I was positive for Covid…weird symptoms which progressed over many days promoted me to do the test:1st day after exposure multiple bruises only on upper arms the size of fingerprints, 2nd day insomnia for 24 hrs, 3rd day were body aches & pains with frontal headache & sneezing,4th day runny nose & fever(37.7)& chills, 5th day dry cough & runny nose..6th day no fever, but runny nose & dry cough..this day was the official start of my 7 day quarantine…..though I had been wearing a mask @ home the minute I saw the weird arm bruising… runny nose,sneezing ,& dry cough off & on continued for another 7 days @ which time I decided to do a Panbio antigen test @ home to see if I was still infectious after 14 days…it showed a very strong positive result …I plan to do another antigen test 21 days after exposure to see if I'm still positive…this should be interesting…maybe we haven't been told the whole truth of how many days you stay infectious & that may be why China is panicking…they may have already known 1 else showed a positive PCR test in my household..I am also vaccinated x2 & boosted x1..

  7. As far as i know the percentage of people who are vaccinated in china, isnt that high, even if omicron is less severe than delta, its still a dangerous virus. I dont think it would be a good idea to let it run wild if the country isnt half as protected due to vaccination as the western countries are…. i dont know if they are catching up on vaccinating the population whilst they are in lockdown, i would hope so.

  8. I just watched a video from Shanghai of people jumping from skyscrapers… terrifying, horrendous pictures. Chinese people are committing suicide on a large scale… No food, total lockdowns for weeks due to Omicron, severe oppression, hardcore dictatorship… it's absolutely heartbreaking to see.

  9. Bingo! you hit the nail on the head … Chinese authorities do not want to lose faith. Also in their system (I've been to China over 50 times the last 15 years) , you only want to please the authority over you, not the people you serve. There is no room for input from those on the ground, as all directives come from above, which get's it's instructions from above them. If you try to innovate, you can get canned, or disciplined. Sad, sad, sad.

  10. China’s decision making is only inexplicable in a society that is yet to succumb to totalitarianism, give it some time and we’ll understand completely. Having 26m people screaming from their windows in starvation and insanity is music to a dictators ears.

  11. Hmmm – so the most common symptoms are the same as colds and flu? And cases are coming down just as we move into Spring you say? I can feel a link here – just can't quite put my finger on it…

  12. I’m a regular person with no medical qualifications yet I will never understand WHY the world allowed flights to land from China, it was as if the world leaders wanted this pandemic? Yes, there blooming well should be consequences!!

  13. Under-lighting makes you look like a manic super villain in the thumbnail…
    Might want to pick a different frame or give up on the desk light for a light stand (or two) to give more control over presentation…
    Other then that its a fine informative video… thank you for your efforts

  14. John the presence of a virus in you nose and throat do not indicate an infection. It might be dead virus that's already been dealt with or being dealt with by your immune system's first layer of defence.

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