UK Prepare Military Deployment As Gas Shortage Sparks Panic, Biden Policy is Driving Economic Crises

UK Prepare Military Deployment As Gas Shortage Sparks Panic, Biden Policy is Driving Economic Crises. Under Biden jobs growth has stagnated, labor shortages are turning into food and fuel shortages, and now people are starting to resign en masse.

While Republicans and Trump should take some of the blame as it was under the Trump administration the lockdowns began, it was mainly Democratic governors and Biden who advocated for restrictions that destroyed the US economy

It seems that Biden and the democrats plan will only further sink us and the GOP says they will block the budget bill due to having no input which could lead to more economic collapse.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. They are bringing in the army drivers to help move the fuel. They are also bringing in army hgv testers to get through the back log of hgv driving test applications.
    Any time there are fuel issues in the UK the army is brought in to help.
    Brixit has had many EU drivers leave the UK and due to shit planning and support, haulage, farming and fishing have been left out to dry. Considering they've had 5 years to sort this out, piss poor effort government 🙄

  2. People are sick of 40hr + work weeks. That’s it. It’s 2021. Not 1812. We want to enjoy our lives. Work weeks should be capped at 32hrs anyway, just remunerated at a 40hr week pay.

    There’s more than enough liquidity in the economy for this, CEO pay may need a haircut to actually pay their workers, the upside for them is they can keep their business going.

    As it is now, CEO and share dividends are lethal parasites that kill business and workers. Regulate it.

  3. I learned from that last gas shortage in the south and loading up on gas tonight! This is what happens when you have a REACTIONARY government who makes policies off of emotion and Twitter mobs.
    Think, talk, plan…then vote on bills NOT see what outrage is trending then pass an executive order😏

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  5. Vee talked to a bunch of alleged British truckers. He said that a a lot of them quit because Covid restrictions were making it extremely unpleasant to work at. Sure, truckers are considered essential workers, but the hotels, eateries and so on they need were all shut down.

  6. If you're young and have the opportunity to get more hours. Take them. In my twenties I worked two full times Jobs. One of which often gave me overtime. So many weeks I was working 90 to 100 hours. I was rolling in cash.

  7. Biden steps out of Airplane ✈
    "If you there's a shortage, it's because you are using too much…"
    "I don't have a shortage you have a shortage"
    Cyclist who just wants to heat their house. 🤬 Let's go Brandon
    Biden jumps in a Hummer and flips everyone off as it drives away in a dust cloud

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