UK Prepares to Extradite Julian Assange Because they Hate Press Freedom

Press freedom be damned eh?:

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#JulianAssange #Wikileaks


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  1. Stxy is finally wrong! Legal protections for journalists do not extend to foreign nationals in foreign countries dumping classified info online. If American protections extend across the globe then when do we start invading countries that do not adhere to the second amendment. The fact that he is an English speaker makes peoples brains stop working. If he were Chinese or Russian things would be much clearer.

  2. This guy is an example of the US and Powers that be showing they can ruin anyone's life. Nothing pisses off the US more than the world getting to see what it really does.

  3. While everyone in the entire media criticizes golfers over taking Saudi Arabian money because of Khashoggi, Assange has been a political prisoner for the better part of a decade.

  4. Assange is a traitor!…….Also, Epstein killed himself with a rag at the exact moment all the cameras glitched out and all the guards were simultaneously taking emergency bathroom breaks. Also, Joe Biden legitimately received the most votes in the history of American elections. Also, a million dead from COVID. Also, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a good reason to invade Vietnam. Also: Tower 7 fell instantly because of fire, Flight 93 vaporized in Shanksville, no footage or wreckage exists from Flight 77 hitting The Pentagon, molten steel pouring out of the towers had nothing to do with thermite found in ground zero dust samples, Iraq had WMDs, and Bin Laden is sleeping with the fishes. Aaaaand we haven't gone to the moon since 1972 because 'been there done that.'

  5. I very clearly remember when we wanted us orange also I mean it happened just a little while ago so you have to have a totally worthless memory if you don’t remember stuff happening just over 10 years ago

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