UK REJECTS EU’s Bogus Brexit Deal As Italy Moves Towards EU Exit

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UK REJECTS EU’s Bogus Brexit Deal As Italy Prepares For EU Exit

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. January 1st 2021 is the day when all the crap stops and we come out of the green tax machine ,but we cant get out the energy price hikes that are coming via the EU to UNIFY the price of energy at some point in 2021 /2022 via the 3 under sea pipe & cable grid links the UK has with France + the UK via Mrs May signed up to the Paris accord ,she did ok out of it she got an inflation proof pension + a tax free golden hand shake all figures sealed for 30+ yrs .

    She also went on to scrap the feed in tariff & raise the VAT on all things solar from 5% to 20%
    slashed £1000 from the green grant for buying an EV ,hybrids suffered worse !

  2. There just cannot be a compromise on UK territorial fishing waters, the level playing field, or the financial aid to UK businesses. There is absolutely nothing to compromise about that is desirable for the UK to obtain a trade deal, one that is more advantageous to the EU by billions. Any consideration to allow foreign fishing in UK waters is ludicrous as is agreeing to a level playing field and following EU ruled on business aid.

  3. Italexit "if Brexit is a success" Not happening, then. Also, cute how you showed the EU growth rates without providing the UK growth as a reference. Good idea, actually, as doing otherwise would require a few trigger warnings for your audience. (it's below the EU average)

  4. You’ll be overjoyed now that the EU has genuinely given up hope of any deal. Just in case you missed it, there is now a civil war within the Tory party over tax rises to pay for the current economic damage of the pandemic and the subsequent increase in public spending due to falling tax revenue. Any FTA requires a surrender of some element of sovereignty. “If Brexit was seen to be a success” less than 50% of Europeans would want to leave the EU, says a lot. You are desperate for the EU to fail because you need some justification for your idiocy.

  5. I'm a US citizen so maybe I don't understand the EU well, but it seems to me that this was a plan by the Germans to do without bombs and guns what Hitler was trying to do, get control of Europe including Great Britain. Only with this plan, the Americans wouldn't come over and help beat the Germans. But we are here to trade with the individual countries. The EU was destroying what was most attractive about Europe, the differences in the people of the different countries. Variety is the spice of life. I'm hoping the US will break up, because we are not a homogeneous group of people. We need our differences and we need fences to separate the different cultures. The Union was only a good idea for protection from foreign intrusions or for unity against rogue countries who want to take over the world. We can do that with a confederacy.

  6. As soon as the UK won the referendum for leaving, I said EU is doomed.
    Of course, the hesitation of T May ( or May not) didn’t surprise me. What can you expect from a remainer?
    I’m Italian and have lived in UK since 1970, now that UK is ‘finally’ leaving I’ll eagerly wait for Paragone to accomplish the same for Italy.
    With Farage help Paragone can do it.

  7. I keep writing this on the BBC HYS. all the UK govt need to do is call the chief execs of BMW,AUDI,VW,PSA group and tell them they can't sell cars in the UK next year. A trade deal would soon appear.

  8. No Surrender to the E.U. Britain is & always will be a Sovereign Nation!!!! No more giving in to Brussels demands!!!! Rule Britannia, God save our United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ???????????????????????????????????????

  9. No one should be surprised at latest UK moves. The deal was to agree stalemate position. Both wanted different things. Both knew a deal was impossible unless each side got what it wanted. UK never lifted a finger to get border controls sorted. No contracts, no building, no public intent. The oft-used Gordean Knot was the EU way and always was, and is why we are where we are. The agreed treaty was nothing more than a state of limbo. It read that way. Was interpreted that way. The EU liked it that way – a stay as you are EU beurocracy in practice, if not in words – primed so that one day we simply slip back into the monstrosity of European control and dictatership.

  10. could you please tell me where you read about Italy leaving ? I have plenty of contacts down in Italy and not even one confirmed your statement