UK ‘Russia report’ fear-mongers about meddling yet finds no evidence

Pushback with Aaron Maté

A long-awaited UK government report finds no evidence of Russian meddling in British domestic politics, including the 2016 Brexit vote. But that hasn’t stopped the fear-mongering: the report claims the UK government didn’t find evidence because it didn’t look for it, and backs increased powers for intelligence agencies and media censorship as a result. Afshin Rattansi, a British journalist and host of RT’s “Going Underground”, responds.

Guest: Afshin Rattansi, British journalist and host of RT’s “Going Underground.”

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  1. But if GB now wished to break w/ the neoliberal policies at home, they could full well do so. (Corbyn c o u l d have. Or a future comrade can do, relatively effortless.) The gigantic obstacle that the EU coercion represents, is already eliminated.

    Now, this is a head start.

  2. Strange they didn't find the ex-Russian criminal oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and how he has used the estimated $51 billion he has stashed on the Island of Jersey, to buy the US Congress, twice, the first being to validate his illegal sales of Yukos shares to Texan Oil interests, and the second being to bankroll Browder's lobbying effort to create his Magnitsky Act, which was based on a fabricated story. So are we to presume Khodorkovsky never paid British politicians to have them pass their Magnitsky Act?

  3. What the actual fk…. This guy just said…… I'd be happy locking up for wrong-think!!???!!?!! Imagine yourself… 10yrs for doing the doing,?! better or try the consvatives "we've got ur back"…. Where?

  4. so far no evidence whatsoever that the Russians have accomplished or tried to accomplish any foul deeds against any NATO country notably the US or the UK……

  5. PROGRESSIVES BEWARE: ……………….. If you wanted to stop a strong, populist Progressive movement in its tracks and sweep it aside, a new cold war with Russia or China would do the trick.

  6. At the beginning ("…97 cents…"), Aaron is pushing back on his natural reaction to laugh so hard, that his eyes look like they could pop out. The most serious funny segment!

  7. I S R A E L controls our money and therefore us. War criminal Theresa May has no problem selling arms and colluding with the USA to destroy the world. 2012, Obama amended the Smith-Mundt Act so that it is now legal for the "government" to spread propaganda or fake news in the US, while remaining anonymous as the source. Obama ramped up prosecution of journalists under espionage laws, and stalled responses to FOIA requests. Obama turned the spigot of legal hassles on investigative journalists by threatening them with jail if they don't reveal their sources (effectively hobbling 1st Amendment). Obama brought the Broadcasting Board of Governors under the political control of a CEO directly appointed by the President. We have to question everything. This really is 1984.

  8. The UK politicians are completely out of touch with reality. They blamed Russia for the citizens' vote. They can't fathom that the citizens want something completely differently than what they want.

  9. The Ruling Elite in Britain realise that people no longer believe the BBC and "The Observer", their main propaganda outlets. The BBC fabricated a video concerning the use of "chemical weapons" in Syria — complete with actors — to justify war against Syria. Yet it is Russia that has saved Syria from the destruction that occurred in Libya. The same Elite and their Media exulted in the imprisonment of Julian Assange — they hate any news source which reveals their crimes.

  10. Russia is interfering in our elections, but in a completely above board way. Putin x Trump agreed to cap oil price at beginning of SA x Russia Corona Oil freefall. Trump reconciled situation to save the shale oil ponzi schemes. Trump's campaign ties it to natural gas extraction as well in the sun belt theater except Nevada which is more into mining. Sunbelt is Trump's 2020 strategy.