UK Technically Defaults on £500 Billion and Short Changes Millions.

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Some of the stories and headlines out there
04:41 UK treasury technical default
14:35 King Charles III’s Great Reset Agenda
15:35 Market update
19:37 Conclusion

Today we will look at the recent ruling by the High Court to allow the UK government to change the rules of the game so to speak.

From 2030 Index-linked gilts and also index-linked defined benefit final salary pensions will use CPIH instead of RPI.

This decision will cost pensioners and investors tens of billions of pounds and possibly hundreds of billions in my opinion.

UK government wins pension fund legal challenge over change to RPI:

Britain’s Debt Time Bomb Has Gone Off. Part 2.:


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  1. To me the IRS have always been like circling buzzards, they buzz around you before you are not dead yet….an old saying, "they will take the pennies off of a dead man's eyes"….

  2. It is sickening that the working class pays inheritance tax and the monarchy gets off scott free…good for thee and not me!!! Away with the monarchy!!!!!

  3. Talk about a welfare family. They pay no taxes, pay for absolutely nothing, yet you pay 40% tax on your inheritance to the crown ; and may have to get a bridge loan on properties. The loan you still have to pay back with interest. They sit there as arrogant as bunch of prize bulls.

  4. The monarchy and its tax evading scheme should be abolished, if anything, for the sake of the flock they "represent".

    Thank you Mario for your brilliant and highly transparent analysis.

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