UK/US trade talks are on!

Looks like the trade talks cards are falling in favour of the UK government.

The UK Prime Minister has given the green light for the UK to start formal trade negotiation with the US.

And the talks could start as early as this coming Wednesday with reports coming in that the US president is gagging to get a deal done before the presidential elections in November.

But not only that, we now have the EU negotiators coming to the realisation that there will be no Brexit implementation period extension and that if they want to keep selling into the UK they need to do a proper deal – not try and foist EU membership on us via a back door level playing field.

On the UK/US trade deal, the Sun reports that the first round of talks will be between our international trade secretary Liz Truss and her US counterpart Robert Lighthizer, talks will start using teleconferencing on Wednesday and last two weeks.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. BRAVO UK!
    Strong-arm the EU!
    We are writing Letters to DC to let them know that we consider Trade with UK a PRIORITY!!!
    Love you guys!!! ???

  2. Willing to eat less chemical-leaden steak.
    But chlorine doesn't hurt chickens. How much Salmonella do Brits get from their nicely treated, unwashed chickens on an average year?
    But I'm Also willing to have less Factory-Farmed chickens in the grocer, though, either way. Just to facilitate easy US-UK trade.

  3. Doesn't a "European Health Care System" mean that bureaucrats decide who gets Treatment, in a mortal Triage which leans Fatal for poor people (and the Politically "blackballed" like "islamophobes" or, eventually, Nationalists and Euroskeptics?)
    How does Merkel still have any AUTHORITY???

  4. I always tried to educate remainers with regards to the NHS. It’s always been the Labour Party trying to get rid of it or sell it off, even though the blame is always firmly put at the feet of the Conservatives.

    Originally back in the day, when the idea of the NHS was formed, the Conservatives were much more for it than the Labour were, but because because Labour won the election, they had to go through with it.

    Tony Blair has been selling off NHS interests to Brussels with Rebecca ‘wrong daily’ acting as solicitor whilst Labour were in power last, and no one seems to flag up this ACTUAL ACTION. Instead it’s ‘what the Tories might do’, all the time.

    I also tried to explain to remainers that one of the conditions of further integration into the EU is that no government can hold a monopoly on a national institution, the ‘clue’ being in the first name of the ‘National’ Health Service. And no one seemed to cotton on.

    Simply put, the only alternative we have for saving the National Health Service is to actually leave the EU. I will say it does need reformation though, and they seem to be able to reform everything else. You can’t have an NHS, and open borders.

  5. The uk will always be a European country and is leading the way forward! The eu is destined to be destroyed completely! The uk must strive to become as self sufficient as possible! And this means increasing our farming industry and rebuilding our manufacturing industry! We must build factories everywhere in order to employ our non skilled workers and give them a chance to earn a fair living wage and to kickstart our economy! And any international trade is better done with our real friends and our cousins, the United States of America!

  6. I'm almost 60 yrs old , been eating chicken whole time ! Not dead yet ! LMFAO and I'm american. Britts have all ways been our best friends ! We don't need China or EU !

  7. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA USA USA. You guys actually think the US will play fair. All the leverage is with them and Trump is great at taking advantage of idiots. Taking candy from a baby. Oh and the EU is super happy you guys are gone….im not sure why you guys think they wanted to hold on to your gargbage. PLease no deal period at all with UK and EU. Leave you guys in your little inbreeding island but free the Scots and the Irish already

  8. First off
    I suggest you actually read a proper newspaper, one that has reasonable journalistic standards rather than a rag that makes things up.
    Secondly the argument is not against chlorine washing or their idea of animal husbandary . It is because the chicken producers have sloppy standards and try and use chlorine to kill everything that should not be there and isn’t in UK processing. See their rates for salmonella per hundred population compared to the U.K.
    Right now the medical profession are panicking because of antibiotic resistant bugs. How is this happening!! Because of the over use of antibiotics in the food chain which is why. Funnily enough. The reason the EU have these pesky annoying rules regarding how long a farmer has to wait before sending an animal to slaughter. Rules that do not exist in the USA.
    Secondly even if we get a magnificent trade deal it will be a drop in the bucket compared to our trade with the EU.
    I will leave at that having listened enough to a load of rubbish spouted by a person who can’t be bothered researching his facts.

  9. If the CCP is using the COVID-19 as a bio weapon why should we wait for a vaccine when a holistic method might be a more natural way to fight it.
    To protect against the virus take one Zinc tablet (50mg) once a day.  Zinc is what they combined with Hexicholoquine and it reduces the congestion. 
    Take one Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU) tablet several time per day.  
    A deficiency of vitamin D weakens the body's immunity and pneumonia is easier to get.   
    Tonic water contains "Real" quinine which one full liter if it contains a mere 83 mg which is about 1/10 of what Chloroquine does and Chloroquine is a synthetic quinine. 
    Tonic water should be added to a fruit juice to reduce the tart taste.

  10. The only thing the England wants from the US is a fresh supply of underaged girls for the duke of York. As an American, England makes nothing I want.

  11. Great we can trade with a big orange piece of crap ..oh we do already, anything we want from america we buy from america as we have always done … now we will be Forced to buy what we don't want from america,,, … super duper …

  12. Watch out for that US veto on UK trading partners, that would be a disaster for the UK, unless you are happy to be a state of the US.??? WTO members will stay away in droves, most already have relationships within the organisation in place already.

  13. Conditions the US want on a UK/US Trade Deal:
    1. UK to ban country of origin labelling on food products (guess they know their stuff is shit, so they need to hide it);
    2. Veto over any Trade Agreements UK makes with third countries (where is your precious sovereignty now?);
    3. The unilateral right to amend the US obligations under the Trade Deal while the UK needs US permission to amend theirs (welcome to the USSA); and
    4. Sections of the Trade Agreement to be kept secret from the British public for 30 years (what's the betting those are the sections that f**k the NHS?).
    Sovereign nation my arse; the UK is just going to be the US's prison bitch.

  14. Stop all imports of meats, fish or livestock, this can help climate change and help the British economy we must start thinking about uk industry first.

  15. Jeff the EU wash the salad with chlorine. Nobody is complaining about that . Pathetic. There will still be British meat and chicken in the shops. So what,s the problem. Make your choice when you go shopping. Pathetic excuses from the remoaners..