Ukraine Abandons Democracy in Order to Save Democracy

If you believe this opposition force is insane then you should trust your population to vote against them. To ban a party invariably shows cowardice:

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  1. I think when you are in a war having friends and family killed your home blown up ECT. You do not think clear. They come from another country and they live a different way. I think they will come around.

  2. many calls for a little more historical review. Kiev was of course the original Capitol of Russia and the place of origin of the Russian Orthodox Church one thousand years ago . Most of Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great, who founded Odessa and other cities . And then of course, for several hundred years large tracts of present day Ukraine were part of the Polish Empire . Soviet boss Nikita Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine for some reason, while maintaining the historic naval base. Go figure . Certain scholars have likened Ukraine to the former Yugoslavia , which has now reverted back to its diverse seven territorial, historic, ethnic and cultural pieces.

  3. It doesn't matter what other countries do. Ukraine is in a tough time, these kind of moves will have to excused because nothing short of insanity is what's going on. Once the war is over things can go back to normal.

  4. I don’t see an issue with what Zelensky is doing. Zelensky is fighting to preserve the sovereignty of his nation, not the concept of democracy. While the concept of democracy is a very nice one, it becomes a game of balancing values vs reality when democracy will unravel itself. If the pro Russian party of Ukraine actively votes to Sabotage Ukraine, their is no point to even fight.
    This situation is like a vegan stranded deep in the forest. While the vegan values the life of the animal and is ethically disgusted by the concept of killing, when it comes to preserving his life, he will probably abandon his values.

  5. I agree that the actions are not democratic, in a perfect world I believe that they should be allowed to run, but this isn't that, at least right now in the Ukraine.
    They are in a state of war, I can understand extraordinary measures being taken for national defense in a time of war, especially against a superpower that employs large state funded Special Purpose Forces, PSYOPs, Cyber Warfare Units, SIGINT, and embedded complicit sectarian actors which are actively undermining the government and backing a party for the sole purpose of destroying said countries government.

  6. Quite ironic how Zelensky came to office promising peace, reintegration of Donbass back into Ukraine, prosperity, and all that nice stuff only for things to go where we are today
    Shortly after the election his party basically flipped to the nationalist rethoric of the former president's party, and by the second half of 2021 the People's Servants' ratings plummeted from 73-ish percent to low twenties, while the party mentioned in the video floated at a slightly higher point
    So yeah, Ukrainian politics is a shitshow

  7. Another funny note is the way another party was banned last week – the court in Lvov ruled it was participating in anti-state activities based on media reports
    Basically like if Libertarian party in the US was accused of being anti-American by several MSM newspapers and a court ruled to ban it based on that alone

  8. The whole Ukraine situation is a god damn shitshow. One one hand you have Zelensky, a man who has ties to so much dirty money tied to him that it is unreal, and then you have Putin, a man who in my opinion wants to live his cold war glory days one last time before he kicks the bucket. Honestly we should just hurl some tomahawks at a few military bases on both sides of the battlefield and tell them to knock it off.

  9. if you look at this question from a utilitarian point of view. In Ukraine, there are pro-Russian parties (more precisely, pro-Putin), there are pro-Western parties, there are parties close to Ukrainian nationalism. what will happen if pro-Putin parties come to power through democracy: they are curtailing democracy completely, shutting down any alternative channels of information, and so on. what happens when pro-Western parties come to power: they are closing some pro-Russian channels and some pro-Russian parties. some, not all. thus, it is the power of pro-Western parties rather than pro-Russian ones that is better for democracy. In life, you need to choose from what you have, and not from what you want.

  10. Restricting and banning opposition has been going on incrementally in Ukraine for years. Before the Russians officially ramped up invasion in 2022. People seriously need to watch the Oliver Stone documentary “Ukraine on Fire” which is set as adult only on YouTube for violence, but let’s face it, we’re adults and we can handle watching that. It’s by filmmaker Oliver Stone and talks about what has been happening with the coup in 2014, and it’s worthwhile and thought provoking IMO.

  11. Sticks you got it all wrong man over half the country wants to join Russia and secede from Ukraine because Ukraine is corrupt even more corrupt in Russian that’s really saying some thing Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the northern hemisphere only beaten by countries like Syria goes for the world

  12. Sorry can't take seriously anything a twat in pound shop jungle fatigues says, the camo needed? No, you're in the fight, to an extent your clothing needs to be green? NO

  13. ohhhh, Alec Baldwin, it goes from bad to worst, … of all the nationalities you could kill…, you took out the current most protected, perfect, so much so BLM got jealous, and made some racial comments, oddly enough! Look beyond the nazi ideology, the most corrupt nation in Europe (that's impressive) Anyone sporting a social UKR flag is a total moron, its the same as wearing a mask in the covid 19 BS.

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