Ukraine Alone Makes Biden The Worst US President In A Long Time

Allowing the world to come this close to nuclear war already makes Biden the worst US president since Bush. At least. History may well show his to be the single most depraved presidency of all time.

Preventing nuclear war is a US president’s single most important job. It’s so important you shouldn’t even really have to talk about it, because it’s so self-evidently the number one priority. And this administration is just rolling the dice on nuclear conflict with increasing frequency every day.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Its been a quiet day on social media for me. I have only been called the many variations of a Russia supporter about 50 times for refusing to fall for the narrative and being fully in favour of being blown up in a nuclear war. Must try harder.

  2. I was told to be afraid of the maniac Trump starting WWIII by the same people who do it.
    The US dollar is about to collapse, the housing bubble is much bigger than just before the 2008 crisis, food supply is threatened, we have driven Saudi's, Chinese and Russians into eachothers arms.
    I project the coming year will be quite the sobering experience, especially for the slumbering people.

  3. That small hint of humanity you are appealing to cannot be reached. It is covered under mountains of groupthink, military training, hypnosis, conceit, duty and manifest destiny.

    And hierarchy to a game that oligarchs play believing that all of the tiny fiefdoms the elite have can coordinate this theater so that they can get richer than they are and reset the economic system. They make the mistake of not understanding that humans are going to human.

  4. What has the United States spent since this war started? $40 billion? This war is only about democracy in the minds of delusional neoliberals and neocons. Sadly, this war is about America's credibility. It really should have ceased to exist nineteen years ago, but this should be the final nail in the coffin.

  5. A not so bright con artist opened up the craziness of the Republican Party and you can pretend Biden is worse? Trump would have allowed Putin to have Ukraine. You should consider the view of someone like Timothy Snyder recently on Democracy Now. Russia starved Ukrainians before. I am beginning to wonder about your motivations. It's a terrible situation exacerbated by NATO but improperly acted upon by Vladimir Putin. The attacker is the attacker. History has shown that. This is probably a proxy war between China and the U.S. about future possibilities of carving up the planet. We need a United Nations of small nations to have some power to stop the bullies in the west and the east.

  6. I feel like the administration and the infected people at the Pentagram actually think a nuclear war will generate more money 💰 for the military industrial complex… like maybe Raytheon or the people at darpa or even the coup members of the #CIA think they can 3D print a new planet or something and then tax all of the insects,animals,plants and species and charge an application fee and rent 🤔

  7. Have enough arms been sold yet? Are manufacturers rich enough? Apparently not. The hyper rich don't seem to understand that if a nuclear war breaks out, their money will be worthless and their possessions useless.

  8. Honestly I'd be content with nuclear annihilation as long as it's mostly painless. It seems a decent proportion of our species is constantly taking life for granted. We are constantly inflicting suffering upon themselves and those around us for various reasons to benefit ourselves. These reasons being out of selfishness or out of passion. Maybe I'm just not thinking clearly but it seems good is always fleeting and being smothered by evil.

  9. Proxy wars are incredibly tragic and unneeded. But I really don't think a nuclear war will happen. Vietnam and Afghanistan were proxie wars and it never came close to happening then either. So I doubt there's any chance of it happening now either. It's all just the same thing at the end of the day

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