Ukraine Brigade EVACUATES BAKHMUT, Russian Troops MOVE IN

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Ukraine Brigade EVACUATES BAKHMUT, Russian Troops MOVE IN

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  1. That's a serious crime zelenysky is commiting, sending man straight to the front line who had never held a gun in their entire lives to fight well trained and equipped Russian soldiers,, Russian troops continue to grind them, zelenysky is a savage.

  2. We are all commenting on chess pieces , whether it is Putin , Biden , Xi , etc etc. When all along there is a force that is moving the chess board. This evil power dynamic is a collusion of geopolitical, religion, and economics. Population control is at play while simultaneously shifting the global economic paradigm . Measures through this war will be used to put the population into submission. Perhaps by forcing nuclear powers to exchange fire would be one way in doing so. The masks is off. This is good vs. evil and this is not hyperbole. Yes the meeting on Mt. Sanai as well as other events are all at play. Global power factions may be at odds on some issues yet the occultism that governs all of them keeps the agenda on course. Your clothing , your food , your entertainment ( celebrities are soulless bots ) is all by design and that is the spell. Get out of the system .

  3. The West is not only in economic decline but social as well. Soon I'll be a minority in my own country and that's all the planning of globalization.
    Edit: Hubris was always the downfall of many and it seems that the EU was viewing itself as being a Utopia as superior. They are so full of it that they invited illegals to Europe ( see Angela Merkel). Now Europe is drawing, is changing for ever. So I guess the blood of my forefathers trying to keep my country free was for nothing. Thank you Europe, I appreciate that. Not.

  4. There's the Real Ukraine and its special "Democracy" with its " specific peculiarities, enjoy:
    "The "snuff culture" started to gain widespread popularity in UKRAINE
    In the meantime, the victims of the May 2, 2014, massacre in Odessa (on that day, live TV reports showed anti-Maidan protesters being burned alive in the city's Trade Unions House, while those who managed to escape the fire were openly slaughtered shortly after right in the city's streets) were posthumously subjected to the most unbridled public derision and humiliation. Restaurant menus started to feature "roasted kolorads and titushkas" (alluding to the derisive sobriquets given to opposition protesters). At the same time, entertainment clubs' visitors were shown on camera savouring cakes and kebabs advertised to be "made out of Russian children".
    "The ancient ogre has woken up"
    THE COLUMNIST 07.09.2022
    It was 2014 yet. They were burned alive! Only because they, Protesters didn't accept Maidan revolution which promulgated and promoted the extermination of ethnic Russians. Because they didn't accept ultranationalists New Order in Ukraine, the forceful assimilation of Ethnic Russians. They refused to accept Bundera as a National Hero. In WWII Bandera collaborated with Nazi, "Successfuly organized mass murders assigned to Bander and his thugs by the SS.”

  5. Saudi will comply or th USA will send a carrier fleet (of which it has many) and show Saudi some shocknawe, the USA will send armoured cars n Tanks n Guns all to take the Saudi sons and daughters and mothers and dogs cats camels the USA kills everything Saudi will comply or die. USA will not forget.

  6. America sending diplomats to China to "further" their connections and cooperation is so funny to me. If I were Beijing I would outright refuse these "diplomats" (aka assassins) to enter China. Who knows what they might do? They might plant bugs, spy on the chinese government, maybe even assassinate high ranking CPC officials. I would not risk it.

  7. Jackson you should check out a music artist called Tom McDonald. Listen to the words and listen to more than one song. Give it a chance. He sings about fact that some don't want a hear. You can use his work without copy right infringement according to him .

  8. So the smarter than the rest leaders of Western nations and there hoards do not have to worry about Russua and China taking them out, they have done this on there own with a suicide pack. This will send them into Climate change going Green, going woke Oblovion self destruction. You cannot fix stupid do I need to say more.

  9. bali is small majority hindu's province in indonesia, probably as big as hawaii.
    indonesia population is around 270millions with average iQ at 78.
    you western has feminism and woke cultures issues.
    indonesia has radicalization and suicide bombers

  10. This conflict has been nothing more than a meat grinder. No matter what town, villige, city, industrial factory ect… And its been mainly the Ukrainians that have been enduring the brunt of the losses. They have earned their pain and suffering

  11. I am all with Russia but they are threatening my life with their worrisome attitude to fight a war.

    If they dont attack as if they only have 2 days to win this war then they give the US time to escalate the conflict and plan for nuclear war. Dont underestimate the stupidity of people in the US. Drunken idiots with nuclear weapons.

  12. Fucking Gorbachev, allowed Germany to reunite…the USA will never do same. They will never allow Germany to be independent. Russia shouldn't,too. They cannot be trusted,ever.

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