“Ukraine CANNOT Win” – US General Milley

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“Ukraine CANNOT Win” – US General Milley

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  1. Winning is a matter of definition. There were no Russian targets west of the Dnieper or city of Kyiv. You will keep the eastern territories and achieve all three set goals. 1) save the millions Russians in eastern Ukraine, 2) stop NATO expansion to the Russian border. 3) Stop the NAZIS in the Ukr. politics, government and military.

  2. This what so sad I’m from Canada and This is what the western media wants to convince the world, straight up an obvious lie / that’s why we have to ignore the one sided western media and do our homework to find out the truth 😮

  3. Let’s see the state of Ukraine after winter , the people will have enough of the cold and will force the clown to remove the block on talks with putin . You can’t talk with a block on another countries leader that isn’t comming out of power , that’s insanity! Americans are waking up to the reality Russia isn’t leaving Ukraine by Jackson , Ritter , mcgregor, dores to name a few reports . As a brit we don’t have truth tellers, we got bellend military analysis spewing lies about Russia is running out of arms and they shell themselves in the power plant .

  4. A point of interest in my regard is the diametrically opposed positions in US policy of leading a European coalition against Russia with that of being prepared to sacrifice European security in such a conflict AND also deliberately destroying European economic competitiveness in relation to the United States in the forthcoming period. If that is an accurate description of affairs then the logical resolution for Europe (and – impossibly – Britain) is to turn its back on Washington and plug straight into the nascent Asian financial and security system. If such took place and Britain remains attached to the dying Anglo-American system of the last 200+ years – the U.S. will abandon the relation without qualms at some point and Britain will be left in the most forlorn place conceivable in a new world system. Her relation with the US since the end of WW2 has been utterly disastrous.😢

  5. They loose the Don which has never been Ukraine ok Ukrainians live there but it’s a Russian speaking area and has been for hundreds of years. Why do the Ukie nasties fan club think it is?

  6. i read this shocking news ! "Million Ukrainians could die this winter, WHO warns as Russia pounds energy sites"
    to prevent that is simple 'us and nato stop sending weapons and billions dollar ,that money goes paying zelensky mercenaries from ukraine and around the world ,as soon as payment stops 2500 per mount that war will be over no one want fight for neither zelensky or azov .(ps Ukraine average pay is 850 dollar per mount 'triple) when pepole are poor most will do anything and fight for anyone ,
    million pepole life can be saved it us and nato stop their game .zelensky just wanted start war world 3 again ,staging Poland attaaaac and now was begging nato for protection,=ww3

  7. People really don't understand how terrible the winter is out there I mean it's worse than the Alaskan winter. And without energy they are dead they don't have the infrastructure to return to a pre-industrial civilization. And even if they did people commonly died from freezing to death in pre-industrial civilizations

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