Ukraine Commits War Crime Against Russian Soldiers & Liberals Cheer

Social media have been lighting up with footage of captured Russian soldiers calling their mothers and decrying the Russian government’s propagandizing its citizenry about the Ukraine invasion. And while many liberals in the United States have applauded these videos, there’s one small problem: airing this kind of footage of prisoners of war is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. But what’s a little war crime when it’s for a good cause, right?

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss the situational morality displayed by so many on the “left.”

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  1. Australia is the test bed for shit they want to inflict on Americans, see how much shit we will put up with before we push back, we ARE the 52nd state Jimmy, have been since WW2, and firmly cemented in place by Democrat leader Bob Hawke in the 1980's.
    U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt ordered his commander in the Philippines, General Douglas MacArthur, to formulate a Pacific defence plan with Australia in March 1942. Curtin agreed to place Australian forces under the command of General MacArthur, who became "Supreme Commander of the South West Pacific". Curtin had thus presided over a fundamental shift in Australia's foreign policy. MacArthur moved his headquarters to Melbourne in March 1942 and American troops began massing in Australia. (Because the ruling republican government wanted to give 1/3rd of Australia to the Japanese in return for eternal vichy government of the remaining 2/3rds, look up "the Brisbane line".)
    and you know, American military are like roaches, once you got them, you can't get rid of them short of burning down the house.

  2. I'm totally skeptical when I see these videos from Ukraine. As a special effects makeup artist, I can apply bruises and wounds to people that would be very realistic even in real life.
    Many Ukrainians speak fluent Russian. And Camo/Russian fatigues would be easy to come by.
    These "Russian soldiers"could be real or actors.
    As Zelensky is an actor, I'm sure he uses fake videos and special effects to his advantage all the time for propaganda.
    SO like the movie Wag the Dog, it's freaky.
    Keep up the good work Jimmy!

  3. This is why war sucks and the fact that they did force Ukraine to stay neutral is despicable. Damn neocons behind Biden (who endorsed him btw) are pushing for more war. Absolutely horrific.

  4. Putin admitted yesterday that indeed a Russian soldier would rather terminate his life than be captured due to torture. He said this the day a Russian soldier killed himself upon being captured.

  5. BTW, body language of the soldier sitting in the middle at the press conference (in Jackie Singh's twitter video, the older one with a beard) suggests he is NOT telling the truth during the first 20 seconds of his speech…the rest of the speech seems truthful.

  6. You will be surprised even more if I tell you that in Russia everyone receive hundreds of spam on their phone and tell them that their family member could be dead and ask to check on the ukraina website (where they collect personal information of russian soldiers). Another thing Ukrainians do – tell people in the surrounded cities (which they use as human child) they tell them if they get out if the city Russia will take them deep into Siberian camps. (while russia has all humanitarian help ready and wait to help everyone and let them go where they want or give them free place to stay just on the other side of the border.) Ukrainians also mine the humanitarian corridors so people cannot get out or shoot those who try to drive through as traitors.

  7. Wait till everyone in the world finds out Putin raided Ukraine to save Europe from a released pandemic 2.0 from the illegal 26 secret US installed DOD operated biological weapons labs in Ukraine next to the Russian border…

  8. Talk about war crimes, watch films from eastern Ukraine as result of Ukraine's army : "Ukrainian Agony – the concealed war" (German film) and "French Reporter Exposes the Atrocities Toward Ukrainians in the Donbass" (Li Jinging YT)

  9. Geneva suggestion was a worthless piece of litter that obliges the nations of world to adhere to certain rules that doesn't just apply to the few nations that won the WWII,
    it's either that or sanctions, boycott or worse,
    Russia has a front seat experience of what it takes to be Iran for 40 years old.

  10. People know what the game is, now more than ever; the media echo-chamber is not representative of the view of society at large. The lack of material opposition likely stems from the sense of post-democracy powerlessness and the subconscious fear instilled by the surveillance era panopticon.

  11. Well… being far from left as humanly possible … got to tell ya! if someone attacts your country, killing your kids, bombarding your town … you have a full right to execute aggressor. so cut the sh|t and better stop talking about something you have no clue sitting in you warm and cozy studio. Cut politics BS and think about PEOPLE!!!! Real people like you self and you family. UNSUBSCRIBED IMMEDIATELY!

  12. Lol if that is part of Russian military training it’s not breaking the rules. You do realize that they make these guys go through training for if they get captured and what to do and what not to do you know I’m not quite sure what they teach Americans you know like Navy SEALs and all but it wouldn’t be too far off to say that the Russian military is telling its own soldiers to do that to catch the enemy breaking war laws is your brain really that small Jimmy.

  13. the vietnamese never tortured John McCain

    his shoulders were badly injured because he ejected improperly from his plane

    he was the biggest collaborator the VC ever had

    his fellow POWs nicknamed him " songbird "

    and he spearheaded the cover up of the hundreds of POWs that the US left behind in Vietnam, see Sydney Schanberg for details

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