Ukraine Court BANS Main Opposition Party

A Ukraine court has officially banned the country’s main opposition party. It’s true! And yes, that IS exactly the kind of anti-democratic move that western nations have accused Vladimir Putin’s government of engaging in. But when Ukraine does it… shruggie emoji.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle examine the cognitive dissonance that allows western governments to defend Ukraine as a paragon of democratic governance while banning political parties.

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  1. Please note the illegal detention of Ukrainian journalist and analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov at the end of February in Kiev. His YouTube channel has been taken over and he hasn't been released to the public for 3 months.

  2. The Democrats and Republicans in this country have effectively barred other parties from meaningful participation in our political process. It's a better look than an outright ban, but should it become necessary, there is little question that they will take the similar actions.

  3. Damn lying mainstream ceaselessly spewing out propaganda on behalf of the greedy rich crooks, corporations, Israel, big pharma, the military industrial complex and US imperialism. High time the countless millions of sheeple woke up, but they won't, they're far too dumb. Yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir.

  4. Just like Germany did…I don't think all those Ukrainians will be going back there when this war's over… they've got swastikas in shopping malls over there too…but it's ok cos they're not really Nazis ….I thought you were supposed to learn from history….. obviously not..

  5. Make sure to ask your ALWAYS-TRUMP friends about Sean Hannity asking him to pardon Hunter Biden, and why is it Trump insists on going on Hannity's show repeatedly. It should make for a good laugh.

  6. I'm afraid it's just as bad here in Sweden where I live; people behave and talk as if they got their news from US MSM of the worst kind. It's really depressing and hard to cope with.

  7. Dem0cr@cy is when you throw 2 scorpions into a empty matchbox and you separate them by nothing more than a flimsy sheet of parchment paper. As long as BOTH scorpions agree that the parchment is magical, neither of them will usr their stingers on the other. But as soon as the scorpion on the left uses it’s pincers to tear through the magic parchment, it is fool!sh to assume that it will not try to sting the other scorpion. When the scorpion on the left refuses to continue believing in the peacekeeping magic of the parchment paper, they begin to see the scorpion on the right as somehow more dangerous than before. It is almost as if the left scorpion instinctively knows that by tearing up the parchment, it now has very little time to sting right scorpion before right scorpion becomes alert and aggressive. So right scorpion raises its pincers and stinger in preparation for what it KNOWS must be coming next. But left scorpion says to itself, it was only just parchment paper, it was NEVER magical. And now that it is gone, suddenly right scorpion looks much more dangerous to him. Left scorpion suddenly notices the pincers, and stinger, and armor carapace of right scorpion. It never noticed before while the paper wall separated them. But NOW, every little twitch, ever movement, every breath taken by right scorpion becomes justification for left scorpion to defend itself. And it charges. It attacks before right scorpion knows to charge back. Left scorpion knows that it always h@ted right scorpion, and feels a primitive exhilaration as it plunges its stinger into right scorpion. And days later when right scorpion just a withered, half-eaten shell, left scorpion looks back and says to itself “ahhhh, i remember way back when right scorpion tore up the parchment paper and then tried to attack me; it was a good thing i defended myself from HIS attack.”

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