UKRAINE CRISIS: Zelensky REJECTS Putin Offer, Millions FLEE |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the decision by Ukrainian President Zelensky to reject Putin’s demands for the country as war rages on and millions of people flee from Ukraine

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Rory Johnston:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Russia will eventually grind down Ukraine.
    Ukraine doesn't have the ability to mount a meaningful counter attack. They can only dig in and defend for so long

  2. Where are these added demands coming from? What sources do you have to know this? Or is this just more propaganda (because the actual demands are very reasonable)?

  3. actually, one of the reasons why the convoy halted / ran out of supplies is that the ukranians had gotten drones from turkey and started bombing the convoy and supplies for the convoy. supposedly, turkey asked ukraine not to share any footage of drone attacks (there is leaked video).

  4. These effing lunatics WANT Trump back, all of them. All of this insane, backwards garbage, endless theater, absurdly transparent charades. Next time a senator says something stupid, let's not pretend it's not in the script. All these clowns are in the same circle-jerk.

  5. This all started with America’s successful February 2014 overthrow and replacement of Ukraine’s democratically elected neutralist Government. Who was in charge then? Obama and Biden. Let's Go Brandon!

  6. Krystal and Saagar now entering the Propaganda Team. Using Data from "Mainstream Media" to describe the Situation in Ukraine. WOW! You either got hit hard losing RT as second Source OR you caved in? Are you still reporting the Ghost Stories as well? You should check out the Duran, who get their Info directly from People in Ukraine (not the "Goverment") and from Russian State Media, that you cannot watch anymore, because your Country banned Free Speech! Their Report is much closer to the Truth! Poor little Shites you are!

  7. I remember when Krystal and Saagar were refreshing alternatives to the mainstream. They completely supported the Pfizer misinformation propaganda and are giving everyone misinformation about Ukraine. There are three Russian demands that are reasonable so why are you two calling it murky? Anyone who wants the truth on this issues should watch Aaron Mate on the Jimmy Dore show. You'll learn about the US support for the overthrow of the Russian leaning government. You'll learn about the US supporting Nazis in the Ukrainian government who have promised to kill Zelensky if he made peace with Russia. You'll learn that the peace maker that Zelensky sent to meet with Russia was assassinated, probably by the Nazis in his government.

  8. America continues to get it's as* kicked … and still manages to spin a story of victory. 😂😂😂😂

    It takes a lot of talent to spend $800bn a year on toys of death and destruction and still get your a*s handed to you by small, vulnerable nations.
    The Great American War Myth stands naked in front of the whole world.
    Is that a pop-gun where your pocket should be … or are you just scared to travel?!

  9. Nobody every asks for what they expect to get. Negotiators ask for a lot more than is reasonable so they have room to negotiate. The Russians and US both do this. So when they get half of what they started asking for in the end it means they get what they really wanted.

  10. WoW, somehow the media in the West is getting their reporting from the same place while independent sources are painting a very different picture of the war. Somehow the US have convinced all the 'journalists' that a war with Ukraine ought to be finalised within 10 days. I am literally witnessing the end of free thought and free speech in the end. The only Free place available is here on YouTube… everything else has been censored.

    How did we get to this point? No stories about Asov, No stories about Nuland, No stories about Racism and the mistreatment of blacks, No stories about the famed Cauldron of the Russians, No stories about the feint and the overreaction of the Ukrainians to fortify Kiev, No stories about the Amphibious assault on Odessa, No real stories. Just the same Press Release that has gone out through a web of media outlets and filtered to secondary MSM like Breaking Points.

    Let me point out a simple fact. Russia did this in Chechnya and then in Georgia and then in Crimea. The fact that the MSM and their secondary sources like these guys do not know this is mind blowing. The reality is they are merely regurgitating Pentagon briefings and NY Times , with CNN and acting like they are giving you the scoop.

    My advice to anyone is seek out utterly independent reporters. There are a few out there. These guys are just shills. They will remain shills. I just check in to hear the shilling that USA is providing. HRC has won her battle. Now to reclaim her throne.

  11. Give the Russian Machiavellian megalomaniac an inch he will take a mile. He has been planning his conquest of the non-NATO Eastern European nations for years. He will NOT Stop! He is backed into a corner with no off-ramp. He cannot lose "face." Moldova is next.

  12. I'm always confused by commentators just assuming that Russia will eventually win, because – supposedly – the Russian army is much larger than just the 150-200k already in Ukraine, so even if the currently-committed forces get slowly massacred, there's lots more where that came from.

    But the head-scratcher for me is the implicit assumption in that view: that Putin didn't use his best forces to invade Ukraine, and they're – for some inexplicable reason – being secretly held in reserve somewhere in Russia, just waiting to be deployed.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Putin committed his better – if not his best – divisions for the opening phase of this war, and if they're performing this badly (possibly as much as 5-10%+ casualty rates just two weeks in), then why do journalists assume that another 100k Russian soldiers (likely lower-quality than this first wave) will fare any better?

  13. How are those demands reasonable? Would it be reasonable if Russia invaded the US, took Alaska, and started slowly winning (yes this is a counter-factual), but it was clear they could not maintain the occupation forever. Would you say it would be reasonable for the US to give up Alaska to get a peace deal?

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