Ukraine CUT OFF By Russia In Severodonetsk, Ukraine BLOCKS Own Ports

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Ukraine CUT OFF By Russia In Severodonetsk, Ukraine BLOCKS Own Ports

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  1. Советник президента Алексей Арестович в эмоциях не сдерживался. Он русским матом послал всех желающих "поторговать украинской территорией" на три буквы хуй.

  2. I've disliked this video. I'll stay subscribed, but how about you watch your own show? Some sarcasm is alright, but dripping sarcasm onto every detail makes you look immature and makes me feel like dropping this feed.

  3. Hi there mate, hope you're well. I've been thinking about the financial boiler rooms in London set up by Thatcher for robbing the wealth of the country. Xwwg1wgax

  4. Since the Ukraine doesn't want serious peace talks, it appears that Russia will have no other choice but to occupy the entire Ukraine, likely by the end of summer. That is what worries Kissinger, but a Russian victory is inevitable. In that case Ukraine will lose their entire territory, and will at best have a small autonomous region within Russia, if they're lucky.

  5. thank you zelensky/azov neo nazis for starting this crap when men are playing soldiers instead of farming and you block Odessa and ofcourse blame Russia

  6. Bulgaria is being pressured they are the most pro-Russian EU country (also the poorest country in the EU).
    Bulgaria is indeed the transit to Serbia and Hungary. What Bulgaria could do is to get azeri gas through Turkey.
    Of course that infrastructure needs some time to be built.

  7. Question does anyone know if true George Soros was involved with Epstein's child sex ring? and linked to Bill Gates who was directly involved with child sex criminal Epstein? Reason I ask is people have forgot that nearly all rich powerful at that special conference were in Epstein's Black books and videos. We all Know Clinton's Tony Blair Trump Israels ex Prim minister French leader and so on.

  8. ..Those comments by George Soros were such a masterclass in double-talk, hiding the true meaning of your words! I think what he fears is a strong state that restricts market powers, protects consumers, that sort of thing. Mob rule in other words. He hates democracy. The 'individual' he wants to protect is a billionaire like himself. Not the common scum under his boot. EDIT: Everyone in that room knew exactly what he was saying. To the casual observer it sounds perfectly benign. What's wrong with an open society? Open for whom, is the question.

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