Ukraine Debate Not Allowed On American TV

Writing recently in The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel lamented the lack of debate in the United States over how to deal with the crisis in Ukraine and potentially end the conflict. Not only have voices offering a counter-narrative to the standard media portrayal of the Ukraine War been sidelined, but any possibility for questioning the prosecution of this proxy war has been entirely shut out while representatives of the war machine have been given ample opportunity to demand more war (and more war profiteering).

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the decidedly narrow range of debate allowed on the pages of the nation’s newspapers and the networks airing the most-watched news programs.

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  1. Those so-called security experts on the media — lobbying for war and indoctrinating ignorant people against China and Russia — apply in Western Europe exactly the same dirty strategy to promote the industrial military-complex!

  2. Courses chomsky said basically the unvaxxed should starve to death as they shouldn't be allowed in grocery stores and said its not his problem what they would do, real humanitarian psycho. Remember how those that supported Iraq were fascists, now the left loves war. Both are wrong.

  3. Wonder why CNN and MSNBC are losing viewers? They don't allow people to come on and tell the truth about Ukraine. The corporate news hosts are pro war and pro Imperialist and will not allow someone like JD to express his opinions. This is why JD has to go on Tucker Carlson to send his message to Carlson's audience. On the other hand, CNN, MSNBC and other corporate media will hire CIA folks to whom favor wars because it fits their show's narrative.

  4. The left is incredibly corrupt Jimmy. The Republicans aren't perfect…but it's so important they win super majorities come November. They will. The democrats are falling faster than sleepy 😴 🥱 Joe falling off his 🚲 🚴‍♀️ bicycle. LET'S GO BRANDON. Rand Paul is a libertarian/republican. We have much in common.

  5. What do you mean in America Jimmy.. Try the whole west.. You cant debate Ukraine in Australia either & when showing this shit people just claim its disinformation..
    People in Australia love to be compliant, we just voted in the Labour party at a Federal level.. The Labour party in Victoria was the state that locked down its citizens for 1 year out of 2 years over Covid.. And farking idiots Voted in that party to run the country.. And the very first thing our new PM did was continue National Cabinet.. What is National cabinet you ask.? it was formed during Covid, it basically means whatever they talk about in National Cabinet we the people arent allowed to know about, its secret..

    Because as Jimmy has stated, they dont censor lies, they only censor the truth..

  6. Well as long as they don't send American troops into Ukraine , I'm cool. If they want to send money in , that's okay with me. I make less than 15,000 dollars a year , manage to live happily off that , and because of my low poverty line income , have not paid taxes for years now. It is not my hard earned money going to this stupid war. Sometimes being poor is good —- because I am poor I am not supporting Ukrainian Nazis.

  7. Jimmy if we really had a real democratic debate we would have a Congress vetoing a war-mongering president and curtailed the almost trillion dollar War Budget to spend the good part of the budget on poor American families to eradicate poverty, ending homelessness, proving healthcare insurance to over 31 million Americans, cancelling all student loans, outlawing retail sales of guns without prior licensing, and reducing hyper-inflation to 2% target.

  8. Quit acting like Conservatives are the problem in America when it's really the Democrats that are a cancer. It should be obvious to you by now Jimmy that Democrats are the ones causing America to fail at almost every turn. Republicans aren't perfect but I'm tired of hearing you insinuate that they are to be hated and never clearly define why you feel that way. Democrats don't want conversation about Ukraine to take place because Joe Bribem and family have been selling America out at every turn starting with the Ukraine. Fact.

    You watch, we're going to find out that Joe Bribem and family leveraged Russia out of the Ukraine oil business and the pipeline deal, something that would explain why the Bribem's and Democrats are so pro war in Ukraine.

  9. Eastern Ukraine is pro-Russia. They don’t want to back to Ukraine, and they also won’t give the land back to Ukraine.
    But Ukrainians don’t want to lose the land of eastern Ukraine.
    ….nobody knows how to solve this problem.

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