Ukraine Energy Crisis Risks EU Migrant Crisis, EU in Denial; Putin Erdogan Reinstate Grain Deal

Ukraine Energy Crisis Risks Massive EU Migrant Crisis, EU Leaders in Denial; Putin Erdogan Reinstate Grain Deal
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  1. OMG Alexander you made me laugh out loud at 5:30 'I'm puzzled there are people in the west who seem to be surprised by the russians do the obvious and logical thing for them to do'.

    Common sense isn't that common, is it?

  2. Surely someone should be asking why the Ukrainian government hasn't put some of the money that they have been given towards providing temporary shelter /food etc. I really wouldn't advise them even attempting to send the evacuees around the EU. The EU govts. have made the public resent them by going too far with all this especially when Xmas is cancelled for us.

  3. Bet most of you follow him because you love his pro Russian stance.
    Day after day he presents his tales of Russia's evil
    But that is what living in the free west is like
    Meanwhile in Russia people are brutally suppressed and lied to for the benefit of a few
    You cannot criticise you have no freedom
    Even calling it a war can give you up to 15 years in jail
    And people support a state like that
    Enjoy watching Russia destroy a country and its people

  4. Always the usa policy to herd fleeing refugees of war to EU to weaken EU currency. Thereby boosting usa dollar. Clever formulae except that it is based on war, manipulation, suffering, and deaths.. The usa war based economy. The usa sick gift to humanity.

  5. We know this whole debacle can end now. All that ballerina Zelenski has to do is tell the US to take a hike and he can end the suffering of his people at a stroke. Will it happen? Nope…

  6. OK, but what about Putin's healt. Leaked spy documents appear to confirm Vladimir Putin does have early stage Parkinson's disease and pancreatic cancer. Also the Russian home front seems to became more and more angry to Moscow and Putin. And the moral among the Russian army is low and it is not willing to fight against Ukraine. All this means that Putin has no other solution than to give up this "special operation" not because of the west but because of the domestic home front reasons.

  7. Putin may be already dead or bedridden and can't get up. He has three people aka body double that poses as himself to represent him. Three people had plastic surgeries to look like him. Putin has Parkinson's disease a deadly disease that renders him with loss of muscle control and colon Cancer.

  8. "The Russians are fleeing, they're running out of ammo, running out of missiles, they're on the back foot, they're in total disarray, blah de blah de blah…"
    Shoigu knows different, but all those under the spell of MSM are still beating this worn out drum, and will go on beating it in spite of the growing evidence to the contrary. What IS the matter with people? I can't get my head round how intelligent people can be so deluded. This could well be the end of the EU, and even the hegemony of the US. Not before time in either case, and I'm a Westerner, sick and tired of the irreparable damage a few people in power are doing to the world.

    We vote how we think will be in our collective interests as sovereign people, and we get shafted over and over…

  9. This is a sad situation for the civilians who just want to get on with their lives and provide for their families. However we all know and see where rampant corruption will and can eventually take us to. Unfortunately in Ukraine the corruption of their government has gotten to such a degree that by going against the voters will (Zelenskyy ran on a platform with promises of improving Russian relations and the people of the Donbass), they have been put into such a situation.

  10. Alex, what's your take on 1) up to 30 odd thousand Kielbasa soldiers already in Wukelan, dressed in UClain military uniforms 2) PuZin hiring Taleban at US$1500 /month. Family gets free housing & guarantee of no deportation

  11. The dam does not have to be breached to endanger civilian lives, just the credible threat of damage to its structural integrity is reason enough to evacuate the settlements along the river's banks. Also, this gives the military more freedom to operate. No need to keep fussing over russian intentions unless you're strategizing for NATO!

  12. So the UK blew up Nordstream 1 & 2.
    The incident is an act of casus belli with dire consequences.

    Since Liz Truss and her cabinet OK'd the attacks, maybe they should have their lifelong government pensions SEIZED to pay for Nordstream 1 & 2 and laugh it off as gaffes.

    The remainder €20B or so will be borne by the public, of course.

  13. Let's put it this way… Putin has a lot of things that he probably things are crucial for his survival. He must make sure his people are on board, the west is on board… The Ukrainians are on board with his plan to revive the Bolsheviks

  14. Another refugee crisis will tear apart any unity left between the European union. It's true that European citizens are more sympathetic to the Ukrainians but in a bad economy, nothing can be granted. Even people in Poland have started to feel the impact. USA is not going to be affected as it does not sit in Europe, but not recognizing this, EU is only shooting itself.

  15. Russia's pivot towards Asia, Africa, and South America depends a lot on Turkiye, Iran, and other smallar countries. These nations will act as a transit point for any kind of trade. Regardless of what critic says, both Turkiye and Russia are playing a long game here.

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