Ukraine FIRES Human Rights Chief For LYING

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Ukraine FIRES Human Rights Chief For LYING

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  1. That is Ukrainian Doing these Evil things. Ukrainian Arm Forces was Trained to mained, Slaughter, Coerce Civillians. They were invited by the West during West invassion in Iraq. Felujah Iraq is an exact Copy in the Bucca killing.

  2. Thank You Mr. J. Hinckle for all your Efforts in Voicing the Truth. May you live long and stay healthy to serve humanity with Truth. God Bless you Sir.

  3. Hi Jackson. I think you completely misunderstand this issue.
    The rapes mentioned as just a sample of what was and is happening in Ukraine.
    The dismissal is political and efforts were made even before February to remove this lady from her post.
    Another of the criticisms of her is that she did nothing to stop deportation of Ukrainians by the Russian Army and to further the exchange of prisoners of war.
    Every crime take forever to prove and it was taken as jumping the gun to denounce crimes before they could be proven in international courts which as we know means in several years time.
    Meanwhile we hear stories that as a result of these war crimes of rape by Russian soldiers that when on leave in Russian towns there is a huge rise in sexual crimes there too.

  4. Once again Putin's parrot is manipulating the word. Deputy chairman of the parliament's regulatory committee, Pavlo Frolov, says Denisova failed to oversee the opening of humanitarian corridors in Ukraine's war zones, address the kidnapping of Ukrainians from occupied territories and the protection and exchange of prisoners. She is further accused of having focused too much on media work and describing sexually motivated crimes in gratuitous detail, as well as the rape of children in occupied territories. However, some of these were unverified, which damaged Ukraine's reputation and distracted media attention from other proven crimes and problems.

  5. "We made a claim and you WILL prove it however you can" is a real job position throughout the business world, why not in the news. I'm not surprised.

  6. This actually makes Ukraine look really really good….. they are firing someone in the middle of war for claiming unverified and exaggerated anti- Russian propaganda. I love how Jackson tried to spin this in the most negative way possible. He even petulantly said Ukraine is ONLY doing this for the sake of credibility… ya, them wanting to be credible is a good thing even if you claim it is only to "appear" credible.

    I can not imagine Russia firing someone in this manner

  7. Yes, zelenski is a great commedian actor and director, the human right chief could be deceivably right, what he saw are the Russian uniforms covering the real Nazis Azovs bodies doing the crimes, removing her can stop the investigations and backfire to puppet Zelenski and his master US war politicians Biden and allies. Please promote world peace, love, real diplomatic cooperations and stop war monggering, swindling, hypocrycies, huge robberies and political mafias against poor and other countries. P l e a s e change … GodBlessUsMoreInTruthAlways 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Call me crazy but Im willing to bet that the majority of grape commited in Ukraine is by Ukrainians. This obvious fact brought to you by male logic.

  9. It’s seems this sort of thing comes from the top being Zelensky using fake reporting to get the world to feel sorry for Ukraine with the result world sending money weapons . The world however were not informed how this war was started eight years ago by Ukraine military shelling the Russian speaking Ukrainians of the Donbas with16000 lives lost . No mention of the rescue of 35 thousand trafficked children or the bio labs taken down .

  10. If it was actually Russia committing these crimes, western media would never shut up about it… They would make sure everyone was well aware that Russia committed these crimes. But, to the contrary, not since the initial stories/lies about these supposed Russian war crimes has the media even brought up said "Russian war crimes" — mainstream media hasn't said a word about these "war crimes" ever since

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