Ukraine Fires Missiles DEEP INTO RUSSIA

Reports have confirmed that Ukraine has begun firing missiles deep into Russia, attacking military bases as far as 400 miles from the Ukraine border. These attacks represent an unquestionable escalation of the war, and threaten comparable retaliatory strikes from Russia and further escalation. Where such escalation would lead no one can say for sure.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak to The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou about this latest phase in the Ukraine War and the growing obstacles to any possible end to the conflict.

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  1. Great just great. Vote in someone who is not in charge and start a Nuclear War with no opposition from the people in Washington. Letting our politicians to be bought out is biting all of us in the as .

  2. MSM in the West wouldn't shut up about Trump starting a nuclear war for over 6 years. Now not a single peep about what Biden and his Hollywood friends are instigating here in just the past few months. What a bunch of snakes.

  3. It's a fact that we supplied these missiles. I'm not sure of the name of the missiles but they're old stuff we had that was obsolete and we gave them to Ukraine. They then fixed them to use for long range.

  4. If we live thru nuclear war, thank all your libtard friends who didn't want the war monger Trump taking all their glory of world annihilation….this is no Hollywood movie….look at chernobyl 40 years later….these are the smartest gender studies grads around trying to get us all killed. And sorry plenty of RINOS helped get us to this point as well.

  5. 1: Where did Ukraine get drones capable cover such a long distance?
    2: The distance is almost 1000 kilometers!!!
    3: On Monday 5 of December, at the same time of launching drones attack, UkroBoronProm (Ukraine Defence Industry) announce that they successfully completed test of newly develop kamikaze drones with the range up to 1000 kilometers???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4: This was very big surprise even between western experts, who have big doubt of Ukrainian capability's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5: Many cannot understand, how Ukrainian manages to create such a technologically sophisticated weapon in soooooo short time and being in war with Russia???????????????????????
    6: The investigations and results are coming out and shoving that: It is ""IAI HAROP"" Israeli drones, which can fly up to 1000 kilometers!!!!!!
    7: The question now is: If this is true ""Then the necessary retaliation and strong action must be done against those who are responsible""

  6. Putin has no choice now but to utterly defeat Ukraine. And the US already is drafting plans for a post Putin Russia. That means turning Russia into a vassal state where US corporations will take over oil and mineral extraction.
    Ukraine will resemble Stalingrad after WWII.

  7. How the f Ukraine escalates war if it's whole territory is being bombarded with rockets, including civilian buildings and electrical, gas grid during winter? Aaand it's being attacked from Belarus territory as well? How in your sane mind can you call it Ukraines escalation? Jimmy. I love your counterist points, looking critically at media, having wider viewpoint at all this stuff. Like I agree that it's US area-of-influence war using local poeple wanting true freedom for ages already. I agree it's a MIC transfer of american tax payer money into hands of warmongers. But when you are calling the bullied hitting back the bully with all he have which is still unsufficient and unequal in force to what the bully did, an "Escalation by Ukraine" then you are already pushing the point you are planning to make, which is "Ukraine was part of USSR and should stay that way" ignoring everything else… even the facts that you, yourself presented. While, I was with you on Covid…

    I was disgusted by your guests pro-chinese comments on HK protests(lying that it was couple of thousands of protesters when in many of pictures we could see it was hundreds of thousands at minimum).
    Now on Ukraine you fail to find right amount of prejudice against eastern block vs the overwhelming mixture of facts. Russia are baddies. US MIC are baddies. Some of corrupted Ukraine leaders are baddies. Some of Ukrainians still believe in nazist ideologies like so many of serbs. But simplifying it to statements like "Ukraine escalates conflict" …by defending… or wanting it's pre-war territory back it is just non-sense.

  8. NO ONE HAS THE BALLS TO SAY IT. Zionist, Jewish israel war. Nuland, Blinken, Yellen, Sherman etc. Jewish. President Zelensky Jewish. Prime minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, also Jewish. And many in the Ukraine parliament. Media in Ukraine Jewish owned. Population Jews in Ukraine under 0.8 percent. Jewish Oligarchs like Zelensky's keeper igor Kolomoisky Jewish. FTX scandal sending money to Ukraine back to the USA SAM BAnkman Fried = Jewish. Epstein / Maxwell. Jewish.

  9. Yay, let's try our best at starting WW3. This is what a failing empire does. We keep pushing the limits. Sooner or later the dam will break. The end of humanity is sitting on a hair trigger held by sociopaths and psychopaths that WE HAVE PUT IN CHARGE. For profit and control. WOW And then there's people that think we are going to All come together and sing Kumbaya and solve global warming and all the other problems facing humanity.

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