UKRAINE Fires Propagandist Who Spread Fake Russian War Crime Stories

Until recently Lyudmila Denisova worked as Ukraine’s human rights chief and main propagandist, but she has now been fired after outside groups have been able to uncover zero evidence to support the multiple allegations of mass rape Denisova lodged against invading Russian forces. Denisova’s propaganda was widely disseminated in the west and parroted by the pro-Ukraine corporate media in the United States.

Jimmy and his panelists, The Dive host Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, break down the story of the war propagandist who took things too far.

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  1. CNN and other main US news media are so full of crap, they lie and don't feel embarrased about it. Ukraine was bombing Donbass, for 8 years for trying to separate from it after change of power in 2014 (with the USA involvement), followed by discrimination against Russians. For 8 years Ukraine was bombing cities and villages in Donbass, killing peaceful residents, including women, children and elderly. Putin finally went there to protect these people. Also, Ukraine was going to join NATO and to set up nuclear weapons on its border with Russia (again with the USA involvement). It's like if Russia would set up its nucleal weapons in Canada. The USA would not tolerate it, so why should Putin? Watch documentaries "Ukraine on Fire" and "Revealing Ukraine" by Oliver Stone. Also watch "Donbass: I am Alive!", filmed by an American journalist. They are still available on YouTube. You will learn what's really going on, not that b$ they show in the media. The Ukraine kills its own people and burns its own churches, and then blames it on Russia. I know, it's hard to believe, but you need to dig for truth, do some research to see what's really going on, instead of just believing everything that the lying media tells you. Zelensky is a well-paid (by the USA) scam artist, so as the current USA government, which dumps billions of the American taxpayers' money to Ukraine instead of taking care of the American people.

  2. Russians lost 27 million… 16.3 of which were civilians…. purposefully killed by Nazis… the rape stories were never confirmed… there is no real proof it happened…

  3. I want to go to Ukraine and get a job making like 500k a year for giving advice or some horse shit! Maybe sell sand for sandbags or summer air for the tires that have winter air in them. But I don't have a father who has spent his life being a corrupt politician so I guess I'll just stay here and be poe.

  4. My only question behind all of this is: So, Ivan, were the Uke chicks hot or what? Also, can I get Lyudmilia's phone number? She looks pretty good.

  5. Well obviously what Putin needs right now to improve his international image is to order a campaign of systematic child rape, that makes perfect sense. People who bought this story are objectively dumber then pizzagaters; at least their crazy bullshit was internally consistent in terms of having an understandable motive.

  6. These false allegations of very serious war crimes must originate in the mind of an extremely sick individual. Extremely dangerous from someone of importance as Lyudmila Denisova who had great influence. But that was her job, right?. To generate hatred with these extremely dangerous LIES in order to continue the conflict, continue the misery and continue the destruction of societies and people that have the right to live in peace.
    Her vicious lying propaganda is so easily sold to the many who will stupidly accept such serious propaganda as truth.
    The issue of the U.S backed coup supported by the neo nazi Azov battalion leading to the proxy war was forsaken, generally ignored.
    Lyudmila Denisova is a disgusting sick psychopath and not only deserves her sacking but should actually be prosecuted for spreading sick hate speech.

  7. Remember when people use to protest against war? Now people are encouraging the escalation of war. I am applaud and saddened by the loss of innocent lives, both Ukrainian and Russian and the enormous division this will create in our world for many years to come.

  8. We heard and knew throughout the history of, mass killing, mass shooting, mass beheading and got idea how it will go. But mass rape?? How do the do that? Only mass sx I know is orgy lol

  9. Funny how the west first flies the pride flag everywhere. Now it's the Ukrainian flag everywhere. But Ukraine doesn't allow gay marriage. So how's that compatible? Pride flag people supporting Ukraine? Makes no sense!

  10. I am suspicious about this sacking because Zelensky himself tells porky pies all the time. Wonder if the Ukraine government has picked on her as a scape goat low enough on the food chain.

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