Ukraine Has Collapsed & Is Failed State

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  1. things are worse than you dare believe.
    easily possible, that they steer into this quagmire because it will lead to the use of nukes, and obviously this is what a certain political sect is wanting.

  2. Every lying western media outlet dragged a few old american generals knowing shit about the situation onto their platform. These morons have been leaders in the US military at some time . Should be a serious worry maybe eye opener for the american sheep

  3. If you are investing in Ukraine. Know this, even if they win this mess. Not one company in business today will be around after the "rebuild back better" program. It will be like in Haiti. Bill Clinton's foundation will be doling out all the new franchises to his pals…

  4. best way to explain ukraine and russia to an idiotic shitlib …

    Imagine if Russia was in NATO and the USA wasnt…
    Putin decides to send NATO troops on the US/Canada boarder and point nukes at the US and claim hes protecting canadians…

    how would america react?

    I for one am SHOCKED putin hasnt declared all out war on the US at this point … & im Ukrainian so pls dont try telling me idk what im talking about because my sources are my family who are still there… not a paid CNN propaganda clown .

    Putin is what you get when America is run by one of the most corrupt Presidents in history.

  5. Col. McGregor and Col. Black are the two sources I go to for perhaps the most relevant information on the conflict in the Ukraine . There are others like "The Duran", Yourself , the Hinkle kid ,Redacted , as well as those actually on the ground there , who are telling the story straight up .

  6. Why is it so hard for you to see that it’s not “failure” if it’s been the plan all along. For 20 years Americans not only sat back and watched the military read the coffers they offered the lives of their children to go fight in wars half of which were fabricated. Better conversation is just around the corner but the fourth estate… I remember noticing on MTV in 1990, if that’s when the war in Kuwait took place I wanna say January 1991 maybe January 1991. The army was advertising on MTV as far as I knew for the first time. It felt like a little bit of cancer infiltrating. That was the year my brother gave me the last Christmas present he would ever give me and it was an army T-shirt…. Eisenhower could not have made it more clear. I don’t know why I got accused of playing dumb when that’s apparently what this country has a reputation for around the world and it had to give it some point but we’re so so so consumed by the tragic death of a drunken fentanyl addict passing counterfeit money that we have to tear down our history and everything we know in the middle of a pandemic no less screaming at each other and somehow setting that same theater off around the world at least in pictures…. It reminds me of the scripture about only hypocrites praying in public…. I won’t waste my time measuring the sincerity or lack there of no matter how good the acting was no matter how people really believe everything we do and say with our whole heart… The insanity has all been by design it’s like the theater of the absurd and I always thought we had a more intelligent society that would’ve known too not get tricked into taking the bait.

  7. "They won't admit failure because once they admit failure, they lose their legitimacy". Exactly. They still won't admit failure in Afghanistan or Iraq. Why would we expect them to admit failure in Europe?

  8. NATO 😂😂😂😂 what a joke they are. Biden and Boris are absolute liars and clowns. Russia played to be the bad guys because they have the upper hand in energy, trade and morals at this stage is quote pathetic of the West. It's embarrassing to be a part of this mess

  9. Our leaders in the West have practiced disaster capitalism on us for 2+ years with a lockdown. The sanctions on Russia are not for Russia they are for you! They are merely a continuation of the lockdown disaster capitalism.

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