Ukraine is Desperately Pushing Teenagers into The Front

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On the other side of the line is Andrew N. Recorded the day before pusblishing.

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  1. You should have heard Putin and Shoigu at the Russian Defense Ministry the other day talking about all of the deterrence in depth they have achieved and are strengthening. And the looks on the military men! What a fine and sober bunch. I think it's safe to say we have lost the element of surprise! Bartender, make it a double, while there's still time!

  2. ‘’TWEEZERS’’200,000 Russian soldiers will soon arrive at the gates of Kiev according to the plan of the Russian commander-in-chief S.Surovikin. Russian and Belarusian forces will attack from two axes, western Ukraine and northern, with the aim of besieging the Ukrainian capital and, finally, its fall.

  3. Rubbish channel. Col. Macgregor's futile attempt to boost his UTube advertising income until his favourite communist country gets desperate and offers him a job in the Donbass. Anything to get his general's stars he craves so much. He'd be lucky to get one corporal stripe in the Dad's Army TV series.

  4. the idea that Ukraine sends 14-15 y.o. teenagers is a bullshit. I`m here in Ukraine, our Military did not even complete the previous wave of mobilisation. Upcoming a new wave – to rotate those forces on the frontline in Jan/Feb. Which is more, they decline the official claims of 19-20 y.o. volunteers in the army (too young to go to war), I`m not speaking of 15 y.o. "soldiers". I consider that gentleman either poorly informed on the situation on the groung, or a russian money-lover propagandist for I`ve seen that thesis in russian state media

  5. I am from Ukraine, and I've never heard of any cases of mobilization of teenagers, especially considering BEING A ONE. Even if I got mobilized, so what? surrender of Ukriaine means death for me and millions of people. So we will not do this, because who choses bread over freedom loses both.

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