“Ukraine is losing” Foreign Volunteer admits in INTERVIEW with Willy OAM

Situation Report in Bakhmut according to an Australian Foreign Volunteer.

0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Military Background of Soldier X
1:22 – “Ukraine is losing this war”
3:47 – Wagner PMC Tactics
9:47 – “Are we going to see Bakhmut Fall?”
12:00 – Kherson and Kharkiv Offensives
16:39 – Maneuver Warfare and Battle of Attrition
18:12 – Casualties in Bakhmut
19:49 – High Tech Equipment of Wagner PMC
20:38 – Ukrainian commanders problem
22:21 – True reason behind Western Tank deliveries
23:14 – “Where do you see the frontline in the coming weeks?”
25:21 – Barrier troops and deserters
26:58 – Conclusion

Full interview:

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  1. Worst part is the Ukrainian men that are dying, are the best human beings in Ukraine, but there are a lot of parasites holding guns to their heads or sitting in the cities getting rich.

  2. Thanks a lot for a video. Hard to find something so unbiased.
    Also, short note from Moscow. A lot, if not the most of Russian people feel this war not like invasion to foreign country, but like strange type of civil war. Like literally brother goes against brother. This related event to me. I live in Moscow, my closest cousin, son of my father's brother lives in Kiev.
    So, basically we(Russians) fill it as some kind of liberation of our people from pro-western-nazi government occupation. So all blames goes to EU, US and NATO. Common opinion here is, that it's Americans and Britains prepared and ignited this civil war between us. And all this terrible nazi bullshit we hear from Ursula, Borrel, from Boris and so, only strengthens us in this opinion.
    So it's quite tragic for us. We have to kill so many of our brothers and uncles because of American and British bastards politicians. But, as Bismarck wrote – "Russians have always come for their money".

  3. The real reason why politically leadership of Ukraine is going for Crimea is nothing to do with logical progress of battle but with the same reason why this territory was added to Ukraine to start with to strategically disable Russian Navi

  4. Problems with 'journalist' in Ukraine are the fact that there are 'activist' imposing as 'professional journalist' to inject their political views and ideals to sugarcoat the actual situation in Ukraine while giving them information report legitimacy as actual 'journalist' as mentioned from this vid regarding Ukraine and the crisis of media censorship Russian sources is out of the question for global platforms such as youtube and others in general as NATO clearly winning on that 'information war'.

  5. Why Russia’s grave lies in Ukraine. They’ll gain terrain…then Ukes will counteroffensive in the spring with tanks and jets and beat them back. Right now Russians are not as terrain focused as enemy focused in their targeting and maneuvers. Ukes are terrain focused. What I would do, is allow Russians to gain terrain and envelop them, continuously cut off their LOCs and then defeat them in detail.

  6. To me it is pretty simple…
    NATO spend > 1 TRILLION USD / year to defend against Russia…
    Russia is ranked as No 2 in the world in military power in the world.
    Russia is No 2 in weapons exports in the world
    Russia have mandatory military service meaning a pool of > 20 MILLION pool of soldiers with some military training.
    Russia have a PEACE TIME ARMY of around 1 million THEN every 6 months have another 150K or so that have at least 6 months training so around 300k / year.

    It took 8 months before Russia started using missiles to destroy Ukraine infrastructure
    Russia started with MAX 200K troops

    Why is this???
    The ONLY credible explanation is Russia use minimum force out of political purpouses (long explanation)
    BUT Russia have "Escalation Dominance" meaning they are confident they can "ratch it up a notch" if needed.

    This has unfortunately been "interpreted" as weakness.
    Must say… I doubt EXPERTS do this… but politicians, media etc are NOT experts

  7. Weather in Ukrainian commanders listen to nato advisers or not it would not matter because NATO has not trained for large-scale maneuver warfare the past 20 years they've been training in regime change tactics and and small-arms small battalion Force third world country s***. It's a little different fighting a professionally trained armed and funded military versus fighting goat herders in the mountains and third-world camel jockeys. The US and NATO puppet s have not fought a professionally armed trained and funded military since 1945

  8. If they were half as incompetent as msm and fluffy assed YouTubers make them out to be, that map wouldn’t have a spec of red on it. It’s the “woke” who are truly sleeping.

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