Ukraine Is LOSING US SUPPORT – Brian Berletic Of The New Atlas

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Ukraine Is LOSING US SUPPORT – Brian Berletic Of The New Atlas

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  1. NATO seems to be willing to see Ukraine destroyed to get at Russia. The problem that NATO has with Russia??? Russia has lower standard of living, but, Russia in my mind, has a higher moral standard. They seem to be more conservative than NATO nations. My IQ, NOT VERY HIGH, thats why they call me Lowly. The Ukrainians are great People, but their leadership has failed them.

  2. 11:40 Russia timed it so static defenses would be reduced while the mud prevented off-road reinforcement. But to have destroyed them by the time drier fields can be navigated…enabling a rapid mobile assault and encirclement in July.

  3. Great job Jackson and Brian, bravo! .. NO EXIT.. The observable truth, from outside the deep fog of the Western narrative, is that everything from the West is much more than a simple lie. Only in the Western narrative (or those gaslighted into believing this cruel macabre Marquis de Sade world disorder of cretin perverted privilege pilgrims and usurous babylonian accountants. DELETE THE WESTERN MINDSET Russia is positioning for checkmate. The win is inevitable. In control, prolong the game. Speed is not a factor. Success extended. 'Fight for Peace" ..

  4. Too bad NATO over-estimated Ukraine, else Ukraine would have had everything it needed when the war started. This Ukrainian paper tiger has been the worst Intell failure in history.

  5. What really worries me is if Biden and Congress exploit China's invasion of Taiwan as an excuse to ban political parties here in America like Zelensky did in Ukraine and without proof of any direct affiliation because not every Marxist party here in America is pro-China. Only the Revolutionary Communist Party and a few China-soft channels would be thrown under the bus aka banned from American society. Those that America would not ban are those affiliated with dissidents like Leon Trotsky.

  6. Ukraine is winning. The media in US & the west are correct, but public must've misunderstood it.

    US & the west media:
    Winning = winning in social media, not the war
    Public :
    Winning = winnning the war

  7. People of America like you Jackson and others should speak up, so your country not collapse into deep state plan. It's wierd your country sending money, weapons, food etc for war while homeless, recession, poverty spread all over.

  8. Why US 🇺🇸 can not send $2 small billions to Holland to receive back stocks of Enfantmil and stop talking about shortages insert of sending billions $weapons to ukraine???????

  9. USA are brain dead .whats going to happen when a foreign enemies invade all these countries that supporting Ukraine Neo Nazis and send them weapons China didn't supply Ukraine and many other countries didn't send weapons to these corrupted countries and who's spreading fake information Joe Biden ,UK ,EU ,W.H.O ,AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and the Federal reserve bank owned by the Rothschild THEY are all in bed with China destroying our countries within ,disarm any threat to there agenda fight back…..

  10. US, NATO, EU are baiting China to attack Taiwan. China has patience and time. It does not need to attack and kill Chinese in Taiwan. Americans will not come to die for Taiwan. They are not "White, blue eyed, civilised Christians, like us as the Ukrainians are" . Zelensky is scolding, insulting and demanding things from the sanctioning countries. Never seen a situation where a beggar is demanding to be a chooser. The day will come when the citizens of Germany, France etc will begin to feel the effects of the stupidity of their governments actions and will react. How much cold can you withstand in the coming winter without heating ? And the rise in food prices, petrol etc ?

  11. Let me get this straight: Russia sent thousands of troops to Ukraine with a 3 day supply, stopped the convoy for days, forced the troops to steal and kill for food, then withdrew them …..and this was the plan?

  12. just surrender ukraine. you're military strength probably has already been severely weakened and once you surrender russia will take some land and we'll put a pro russia gov in charge and both economies and peoples can work together!

  13. I appreciate the clear headed thinking on both of your channels. Just like every other nation the US went to "help" since the Koren War, they cut and run and leave a wrecked country behind.

  14. Great analysis! I agree Ukraine will not be able to rebuild their military to recapture some of the lost territory. Unfortunately, the Ukraine regime and their NATO proxy handlers have a different mindset and they will try. The result will be more Ukrainian losses, but NATO handlers DO NOT CARE about Ukrainian loss of life.

    US/EU cannot accept Russia has won this war. NATO military pleased to get rid of old obsolete weapons and get brand new weapon systems. Zelensky love his role as a huge war hero. US/EU population feed with propaganda, so they are convinced they are doing the right thing helping the Ukraine regime with weapons and money!

  15. NO!!! Ukraine is losing the rest of the worlds support. US politicians are still too invested into ukraine to back out and have dreams of getting some of that sweet oil.

  16. How a weak and short sighted leadership damages a beautiful nation for nothing then destruction
    zelensky is perfect example
    end will be destruction of Ukrain !
    unfortunately US is playing same game in Nepal too…we know we are going to vanish if US lead forces attack China !
    US Imperialist are killing all around the globe

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