Ukraine is out of AMMO – NATO

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Ukraine is out of AMMO – NATO

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  1. You said allies hahaha.. you mean the NATO axis..! You can't shove something down Russia's throat.. Hitler tried doing that and it didn't work. Chew on that one a little while.. leopard tanks don't they sound little bit like panzer and tiger tanks.. sieg heil zapimpsky.. histories fixing to repeat itself. Except this time it won't be WWII.. it will be the third world war!!!!!!!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️ God be with us ✝️🙏💯

  2. It's just part of their master plan, that so far worked out perfectly for them. Who has seen the video of Trump demanding Germany to pay more money to NATO, and the Germans where laughing.

    I think NATO realized that if Russia will remain a good neighbor for another 20 years, NATO will be absolute in the near future. The whole western Industrial military complex was at stake.

    With the provoked war in Ukraine, they assured themselves to life a prosperous life for many years to go.

    'We are out of ammo' means we need to receive tens of billions more of tax payer money to build new factories. Ukraine made America and NATO great again. Paid for all their old hardware with a few shiny ones, and now Europe is going to arm itself to the teeth to protect itself from the evil big bear that roams in their garden…

  3. Fighting a war against the biggest and best equipped army in Europe, of course you are going to take casualties. But still, Russia with a much larger population to draw on is taking far, far fewer casualties than Ukraine.

  4. NATO planned to have an all-members war against Russia (or in past, Soviet Union). But now they fight a proxy war. So everyone should arm someone else (the proxy). But everyone aren't ready to do it.
    And they expected regime change.
    Aaaah, hah, hah, hah! Die NATO, die!

  5. Out of ammo, really? As I hear they have just pushed back Russian forces South of Chasiv Yar. If they are indeed out of ammo then they must have used sticks and stones. These Cossacks are badass warriors after all.

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