Ukraine Officially Adopts Nazi Slogan For Military

Ukraine war boosters are desperate to de-Nazify the Ukrainian military, but members of the Azov Battallion, the C14 group and any number of other paramilitary organizations seem determined to flaunt their neo-Nazi pride. Most recently, the Ukrainian military even adopted the Nazi-era slogan of “Glory to Ukraine!”, making apologists’ job all the more difficult.

Jimmy and political satirist Lee Camp discuss the not-so-minor Nazi problem Ukraine’s defenders face.

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  1. All Western Governments are, if not more, corrupt than the Governments they label corrupt. They serve the interests of big business, not their peoples. "War is a racket" as General Smedley Butler discovered. The rich and powerful declare war. But never fight them these days personally.They expect the ignorant poor to do the dieing for them as they always have. They fund, ferrment and are the enablers of revolutions in foreign countries whose Governments they deem hostile to their intetests. They know real wealth is resources not fiat currency. War is business by other means. They obscure the true causes behind contemporary war and then control the narrative as it unfolds omitting critical facts ensuring their populations arrive at false conclusions. They have no political philosophy nor moral values. They will work with the adherents of any political system if the alliance serves their strategic goals. Fortunately, in the era of the internet the People can see through their propoganda and see their behind the scenes murderous skullduggery. We the People can not allow these criminal pyscopathic self serving lunatics bring us to the prospect of a nuclear WW3. Keep revealing truths Jimmy. As more and more people are waking up to Western coorporare medias complicity and deliberate deception in these unfoling events

  2. I know that our man Jimmy Dore had his falling out with the young turks. Today, I just had my falling out with the young turks. Ana Kasparian is now a war propagandist. My message to her: "Ana, don't worry. All of your war mongering is not going to get YOUR son killed."

  3. I know that our man Jimmy Dore had his falling out with the young turks. Today, I just had my falling out with the young turks. Ana Kasparian is now a war propagandist. My message to her: "Ana, don't worry. All of your war mongering is not going to get YOUR son killed."

  4. Ahh Jimmy quit yer bitchin, the Ukrainians will have democracy and human rights to warm their hearts in the holes they will be so proud to live in and we will have good paying jobs in the gas patch here in the good Ole US of assholes. The propaganda will also be completely different and that in itself is good reason to fight and die.

  5. The far right in Ukraine only won 2.3% of the vote in the last election. There's people in the radical right in every country in the world to varying degrees why would Ukraine be different, you're just a left leaning Alex Jones. And it's not only the United States who are supporting Ukraine and denounced Russia it's all of NATO the overwhelming majority of the UN member states and typically non-aligned States in Europe like Switzerland and Sweden.

  6. The reason you won't hear this narrative is because we Russians have been saying this for like a decade now. Yet noone ever listened. Now they're throwing rocks through our stores.

  7. It is true. Somehow the Ukrainian oligarchs who are mostly Jewish made an alliance with the Neo Nazis of Ukraine. What obviously unites them is a hatred for all Soviet, which Israel, the Zionist state is all about now, anti Russian feelings and making lots of money any possible way. There is a video on YouTube, where they were all at the round table and the Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs demanded from the Neo Nazis an apology for murdering Soviet Jews in WW2, and if Neo Nazi would just do that, then everything would be fine.

  8. Zelensky is a jew so he cannot possibly support Nazis. Well, if you inform yourself properly you would find out that well over 100,000 Jews joined and fought side by side with the Nazis in WW2. And it looks like that history is repeating itself. So much for the talk that Jews and Nazis do not work together.

  9. If that Mariupol, Ukraine hospital was blown up by an airstrike, then you know who did it. Only two countries on earth are malicious enough to blow up a hospital. My bet: An Israeli aircraft, on orders from Washington. And then false-flag it to Russia, of course. And I'll bet that CNN knew about it, half an hour BEFORE the bomb went off.

  10. Jimmy speaks the truth, however, for those familiar with the topic this is nothing new. It should have been condemned a long time ago. However, there is time and place for everything. Right now, contrary to Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov's recent statement that there was no invasion (!?) Ukrainians are defending their country, while the aggressor is inside of it. Civilians die, hospitals and apartment buildings are shelled. For a bully like Putin who terrorizes the world with "if you don't do what I demand I shall nuke you" only strength is the right answer. But the US is weak, this administration is weak and this conflict could have been already stopped before it escalated but Obama did not want it or did not know how to do it (cf. withdrawal from Afganistan) or the earpiece in Biden's ear malfunctioned, so Putin is exploiting this American weakness the best he can.

  11. dont forget operation paperclip guys, thank nazis for your U.S. rocket propulsion tech which is used in bombs. Russia, Canada, U.S., Ukraine, Poland, Germany etc etc, they all have nazis, very small groups of nazis, some are probably even in government, but most citizens are not nazis, remember that.

  12. Canada’s deputy PM just took a photo holding a banner of Stephen Bandera’s , her mother was or is a legal adviser for the movement. Christa Freeland is a Nazi and on the board of the WEF

  13. the 'free world', what is he talking about? trudeau's canada? arden's new zealand? cvd19 prison australia? vaccine passport germany, austria, france, italy? youtube, twitter, facebook? or does he mean you are free to write letters to the editor that are never published, shout 'f the president' when in sahara desert, amazon forest or pacific ocean? or does he mean a vote between two skull and bones members in US, two WEF members in Canada?

  14. Why is this "mother-father" in Washington with a microphone in his hands spewing garbage and not in Ukraine with an AK 47 killing Russians instead ? If he loves Ukrainians freedom so much go and fight with them side by side, you piece of garbage.

  15. The term "slava Ukraina" or glory to Ukraine has been used in Ukraine since its war of independence, starting in 1917, before the hyolodymyr and the great purge, even before Hitler. Seems Jimmy graduated from the "Walter Durante" school of journalism. I'm not saying their are not "Nazi" elements in the country, I just can't believe Jimmy is dumb enough to think using the term Nazi means the same thing everywhere in the world, Whether or not you thought the Nazi's were the worlds greatest evil is a matter of Geography, if you question that, talk to someone from Cambodia that suffered under the Khmer Rouge. If you want a better understanding of the region understand the term "russification" and how its been a constant in Russian foreign policy since the time of the Czars. For instance if you ever want to experience the native culture of Crimea, developed by the Crimean Tartars, you'd be better going to Kazakhstan.

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