Ukraine Pleads for Release of Azovstal Fighters, Scholz and Austin Ask for Ceasefire, Putin Refuses

Ukraine Pleads for Release of Azovstal Fighters, Scholz and Lloyd Austin Ask Russia for Ceasefire, Putin and Russia Refuse
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  1. waiting for this: west drops oil sanctions and Russia tells the to get lost – go find your oil AND gas elsewhere – we've got plenty of 'friendly' clients ahead of you

  2. I think u act as a russian troll. Maybe not paid but out of stupidity. U share completely pro-russian ideas – oh, don't trust the Ukrainian media bcz they told stories about the "Ghost of Kyiv" OR "snake island border guards surrendered".
    – Ghost of Kyiv was never a person, his face was never shown. & lots & lots of planes were hit. More than 40 by now. If ppl need a symbol – why not call the pilots "Ghost of Kyiv" if their real faces can only be shown if they die.
    – The snake island border guards DID refuse to surrender & thats WHY the outpost was bombed & destroyed. Many died. Others were taken as prisoners of war. They explicitly refused to surrender. Yet, you put on this video pretending to be smart and trying to diminish someone's courage as if its nothing: if they are not dead – it doesn't count.
    This is just disgusting. Congratulations for helping russian propaganda with their "everybody lies so this means russia are not the bad guys"

  3. Hi Alex!
    There is a short and easy explanation for the Russian approach on releasing informations, media or official (Government, MOD) releases, and I have asked myself the same question about their totally opposite approach towards Soft Power and Information warfare (Propaganda), and there are two explanations who are most likely connected!
    Nr1 Putin and the other Russian Government officials have been talking about this for years now!
    The release of false or manipulated information is going to come out sooner or later, and the damage in trust is hard to regain!
    And my guess based on the last decades (especially the last 10 years) is, that the reach and ability of spreading informations is limited on the Russian side, and the size and number of western publications would have the ability to Debunk lies and spread the valid claims about Russian disinformation (real one) in the shortest amount of time around the world!
    The best example is the 70+ minutes phone call Scholz allegedly had with Putin and the fact that the whole western MSMedia is saying exactly the same! BUT, if anyone would check the claim and double check it with the Russian officials accounts about the call, we would immediately recognize that the German Government is lying about it and the MSMedia! The call lasted around 17 minutes and the official Kremlin website as well as a spokesperson has said exactly that!
    So this is one example of the situation!
    In the last decades I have seen that Russia is not releasing everything until later or they release it fully and its in a very accurate way!
    The fact that the German Government is trying to Gaslight the world is very easy to see!
    So they squeezed all of the US and EU topics and the military problems into a 17 minute call is just 😂😂😂!
    The Pentagon is seeing the writing on the wall, and their little Ukraine (NATO! Nazi) experiment is not looking good!
    The second reason is the planned use of food to make money on the desperate world and Blackmail the countries into following the US line!
    All in 17 min and a MSMedia PR show!

  4. Yes. Scholz called the Kremlin (17 minutes and not 70+minutes, but a 7 is in there) and the reason is the fact that the German Government is getting hackled, boo'ed, eggs and vegetables thrown at them while the German industry and middlestand associations suddenly woke up about the possible apocalypse!
    So this was most likely the most important point in the short 17min conversation, but like every good puppet, he threw the masters wishes on top to show his allegiance to the Empire!
    And Mariupol?
    The only ceasefire in Mariupol and Azovsteel was when the Russian Government announced it, and the civilians were able to flee!
    The fighting is ongoing and the Russian side is cutting the Nazis off from Supply (water) and take part after part of the factory and the territory around!
    The footage (both sides) is absolutely clear and the people on the ground like Graham Phillips (he is in the zone, Patrick Lancaster is more around the perimeters), WarGonzo or the Russian war correspondents and Military Channels on Telegram are providing a good picture of what is going on!
    The Nazis in Azovsteel and their women have been staging a lot of Media and PR stunts, but the most despicable and dangerous one is the claim that they have been sold out by the 36th Brigade and other Ukrainian Troops, that's they have secretly worked for the Russians and they stabbed their husbands and the Azov Battalion in the back, They literally use the "Backstabbing" story of the Nazis describing WW1!
    And the western MSMedia (especially the British, like always) gives them the platform and the ability to spread dangerous lies and Conspiracy theories made up to excuse the Rott, corruption and their Husbands (Torturer, rapists, murder and criminals) and the Regime that spit them out with the help of the CIA, MI6, Mossad and the rest of the Intelligence Cabal!
    So yes, the Nazis have a chance to get out of the catacombs, and they are able to decide how!
    Surrender and live, or stay and die!
    And the amount of effort and media PR stunts is telling me one thing, they are not going to be "extracted" and the fact that some of the Nazis have already surrendered is a sign for the others!
    One side note, at the 9th of May, they have heard the celebration in the city, the music, the city and the people returning to a normal life, electricity and water (some areas in Ukraine don't have despite not being a war zone).
    On the other side we see the blames, the corruption cases and the infighting increases by the day!
    The clips from Ukrainian reservists in the Donbass and regular troops posted is showing a clear decline and a irresponsible behavior and decision making in Kiev!
    This is why the US and the collective West is calling Moscow, it looks as if the show is coming to an end!

  5. Russia has technology light yrs ahead of whats known. they can listen to anyone in the world. they use captured alien technology what allows them to see and listen to any conversation taking place in the world?

  6. The arrogance of the Germans in expecting that Russia has a special obligation to feed them and the EU citizens with Russia's wheat – is outrageous. It is at first hilarious – but quickly one realizes how very sad the mentality is.

  7. Wow lots of denial fascist on this video. Russia already lost this war many weeks ago. Why are you still hoping that the fascist would manage to change anything. Russian economy is a joke compare to the West. It's 3% compared to the west. And thats before the sanctions. You guys must be real losers just like Alexander.

  8. What amazes me is that big men, leaders, so called say such horrible things about Russia/Russians, engage in war and play such foolish games with the lives of captured soldiers as if its an auction a barter. These men really come over as if they are bigger than the power of God.
    And they are given such prominence by the news media. That lot should be ashamed to show their faces. In my opinion they do not belong to the grouping of human beings.

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