Ukraine Reels From Missile/Drone Strikes, Zelensky 30% Energy Gone; Qatar, Europe Running out of Gas

Ukraine Reels From Russian Missile/Drone Strikes, Zelensky ‘30% Energy Infrastructure Gone’; Qatar Says Europe Running out of Gas
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  1. It's not that Ukraine was occupied by Russia for 300 years, Ukraine is Russia, it is Russia for a thousand years, part of Russia was under Mongol occupation, another part was taken by Poland. But make no mistake, Ukraine is Russia but with a different outlook on what Russia is supposed to be. Today Ukraine would rather be the bitch of the imperialists in the west with ambitions to receive some of the scraps from the table when global capital finally gets to plunder mother Russia unabated. Today's Ukrainian Nazis are a disgraced Russian people.

  2. So right-wingers are blaming 'Wokeism' for extreme right-wing neo-fascists going on a murderous rampage in Ukraine. Is there nothing that the Right won't use their creation of 'Wokeism' to take the blame for?

  3. Ok so Kherson evacuating and Japan stepping in to assist with infastructure – but this bum will make no mention of it. Is it just me or is Alex's face melting…seems to get more droopy with each video he puts out. What a creepy ghoulish man.

  4. The longer the resistance, the more destruction. The more destruction, the more contracts for Russian contractors, Russian suppliers to profit from rebuilding Ukraine with No Western contractors allowed. It could easily a trillion dollars worth of rebuilding. For Russia it is a win/win.

  5. The missile attack on the railway station in Tsjaplyne on 24 August killed at least 25 people, including two children aged six and eight. The September 14 attack on a dam in Kryvyi Rih, carried out with eight cruise missiles, affected both water supply and power generation in the region and led to the flooding of a large urban area. Such attacks against civilian targets are both illegal, immoral and militarily senseless.
    Nevertheless, throughout the course of the war, Russia's armed forces have used just as much ammunition on civilian targets as they have used on military targets. The Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior reported on September 22 that since the start of the invasion, Russia has attacked an estimated 300 military targets, and more than 17,000 civilians. If this is correct, it is a ratio of 1 to 56. In that case, it confirms the impression that it is a deliberate strategy on the Russian side, worked out at a political level and implemented by the military at an operational and tactical level.
    The looting that has taken place in the Russian-occupied areas is a chapter in itself. Russia's logistics system collapsed at an early stage of the war. The Russian detachments, which at this time were deep in Ukrainian territory, were largely left to fend for themselves. In practice, the soldiers were encouraged to "live off the land" and began raiding local shops and supermarkets in search of food and other necessities of life.
    But the looting quickly took on a much larger scale, apparently with the tacit consent, and sometimes active complicity, of the officer corps. Private homes were raided for washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, fur coats, computers, panel ovens and other personal belongings, which were loaded onto trucks and transported out of the country. Such loot has since been sold on markets in both Belarus and Russia, or sent to the soldiers' relatives.

  6. Thanks, to my original comment, looking at all the comments it is interesting. When I was in the British Army working tech stores for the Chieftain tank, I noted the huge number of parts for it. All of which depended on an extensive supply chain even for a 1960s designed tank. And just one small missing part can render the entire tank system totally unusable. Today’s weapons systems are even more complex and inter-dependent. Sadly, due to commercial considerations the WWII Arsenal of Democracy no longer exists. Witness the closure of Ford’s Flint plant to help reduce costs and improve Ford’s bottom line.

    Too many Western weapons systems have had absolutely horrendous cost and time overruns, just look at the F35 program. In Politico today, I see Lockheed Martin is having real headaches ramping up HIMARS production from 60 to 90 per year with shortages of skilled workers and contract parts from its suppliers in the HIMARs supply chain.

    Unfortunately, Iran’s drones are cheap and nasty. Costing only $20,000 to $50,000. Ideally suited to mass swamping attacks, like today on the Ukrainian energy grid, and in 2003 there was a naval exercise where the Iranians mass swamping attack managed to win by sink the US Aircraft Carriers.

  7. Anyway, why would it be a discredit to Russia or to Iran if Russia imports Iranian drones? So what?? Ukraine imports EVERYTHING they use militarily, not to mention the funds to pay their government and military, from NATO/EU countries, especially from the United States. Ukraine is less self-sufficient than any country on the face of the earth and would implode in a giant puff of smoke & dust if aid from these nations were to be withdrawn. All of these countries which aid Ukraine, besides harming themselves, are complicit in the death and destruction in Ukraine. So what about drones from Iran, if there are such? This is nothing to criticize.

  8. That is what really, really, really worries me. Russian generals coup replacing Putin with a more hardliner who will NOT hesitate to use nukes….. As Einstein said "I do not know about WWIII, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.". Already the world supply chain (one example, the automotive industry) is suffering from disruptions cause by this war (and it is a war not a SMO), a nasty impact on the global economy.

    As to the Cuba missile crises (and other Cold War close call crises). Thank God for vice Admiral Vasily Arkhipov (and Stanislav Petrov), who stopped a nuclear war.

  9. We in India never would have believed that those advanced democracies like Sweden, Norway and other Baltic states would lie, that is, conceal the truth about the saboteurs of Russia-EU energy economy, by an outright terrorist act. Aren't there any non-government dissenters and truth sayers over there?

  10. Even though I live in Sevastopol and my sister in law lives in Kherson. I can assure you the weather has not deteriorated as yet In either place, while it’s not summer it’s certainly not the rainy season.

  11. About the drone guidance system, they are using inertial guidance, just as all smartphones now do. Other navigation systems can use passive sensors of various kinds to continually guide the drone to its target.

  12. @ Andrew30 – What makes me sick is ignorance combined with arrogance. Yes, Zelensky was elected in 2019, but the war against the civilians in Donbass was sparked in 2014 by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko. Zelensky was voted into presidency because he promised to stop the war and reinstate human rights for the Russian-speaking populations. What did he do instead? He went on with the war, kept ignoring the Minsk Agreements (signed by Ukraine, by the way), shut down 11 opposition parties in Kiev and indulged in very shady (but very lucrative) business with Biden's son (see the Burisma affair, for example). He let Nato set up several military bases and over 30 secret bio-weapons labs all over the country, constantly threatening Russia all along. You can be sure that, if the situation was reversed and the US were in place of Russia, they would have invaded, steam-rolled and totally destroyed Ukraine long ago, like they did with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and many other places. At least, the Russians waited 8 years before taking action, because they had no other choice left. This is a proxy war provoked by Washington.

  13. It is time that Alexander stop calling it Ukraine forces. Like calling Luhansk, Kherson etc Ukraine instead of Russia. According to me he is a bit behind the breaking news that NATO is deploying troops in the front lines fighting Russia as shown on Redacted. Ukraine troops are canon fodder and the war is between NATO and Russia.

  14. Diplomacy ? West only has two strategies- total surrender if they are winning and diplomacy only if they are getting their backsides wiped.
    Ukraine is a puppy which is too expensive and your mum gets rid of when your at school….
    Even US will get sick of it and it will go the way of the free Afghan govt and South Vietnam.
    Russia is winning of course they will Not negotiate now did US use diplomacy when winning in Iraq ? No they went in and assassinated Hussain- Russia must do similar.
    Zelensky has some nice villas (some rented to Russians) he can use rather than a chicken farm.
    All the best from down under.

  15. You are a British citizen mister! I am joking this only to annoy you! I am a Romanian national and my grandfather was Greek guess what they beat the Greek on to me! I love the passion and patriotism of the Greek people, I am kinda one of you, I would love to learn the language tho, hopefully I will do that before my time will come

  16. Alexander Mercouris should duly note that there is no widespread rage against the Russians by the population of the USA. The rage he may be citing is generally confined to Western Elites and the WarTown-On-The-Potomac crowd. In a recent poll only 2% of those surveyed considered the Ukraine to be a top issue for the coming election thus ranking far below the top concerns of inflation and the economy. There is little or no support for the Pentagon, CIA,and US State Department for their war either on the battlefields of the Ukraine or in their economic & trade war against Russia. 😎

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