Ukraine Requests Fast-Tracked NATO Membership

Perhaps to draw attention away from the referendums in areas of the country under Russian control, Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that Ukraine is applying for membership in NATO. Of course, NATO membership for Ukraine has been a pivotal issue leading to the current conflict, so this move from the Ukrainian President will be viewed by Russian interests as a clear escalation.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the strategy behind Zelensky’s announcement and what effect it may have.

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  1. The plan is to go to war and purposely lose so the new world order can come about and its main center of operation will be china and russia..the west will be demonized for all the problems in the world and power will be shifted to the east.. known facts!

  2. Why the hell wouldn't he tell us how this guy stole money from him? To help give everyone else a heads up if they end up in a situation like that?
    Would have been nice to hear the explanation of how a representative from the cable company stole money from him

  3. Hello Jimmy, do you see a connection between the death of the german entrepreneur Griesemann and the blasting of the pipelines? This is the company that maintains and repairs the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. Three weeks before the pipeline attacks, the boss of this company died in a private jet with his family. The German media are completely silent.

  4. As the worse Christian, I loathe when someone proclaims to be a follower turns out to be the devil himself. No wonder Jimmy hates the faith, can’t blame him. However, God is always in control and we won’t give up on Jimmy and pray he somehow turns himself over to the Glory.

  5. Why does nobody ever talk about The fact that there was never any Russian threat of any kind in any way to warrant NATO or even the US being opposed to them in any way. This is one thing I have always wondered and I never have heard anybody talk about it ever. If someone at TJD could see this and talk about this at least once in passing it'd make me feel a little better lol

  6. My God. This must be the lowest information comment section I've ever seen. Some people in here actually think Russia is winning this war. They are losing ground on multiple fronts, if any of you actually took some time to analyse the map. Of course none of you have taken the time. Embarrassing.

  7. Yes kurpy and Jimmy you nailed it on the head. All governments behave the same and have the same organizational structure as the mafia their trick is they pose as human rights organizations.

  8. Dore would shit his pants if he was Ukrainian and had to protect there natural resources . Where going to help the Ukrainians tap the natural gas and help build a airforce and navy for profit. You don’t like ,do something . You can’t ,your weak pacifists .China won’t do shit grow some balls

  9. Hey Jimmy. Having your own dedicated line for internet just means the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc can shut you down without shutting down the rest of the neighborhood. Also a static ip address is less secure and more easily monitored / tracked. That it will solve all your problems is basically bullshit. You'll only be more vulnerable.

  10. Putin isn't motivated by countries joining NATO. Putin was motivated to invade Ukraine because of perceived WEAKNESS.

    100% of NATO countries are not seeing their schools subjected of phosphorous cluster bombs, courtesy of Russia.

    It's a good thing people like former comedian Jimmy Dore weren't in charge when Hitler rolled all over Europe…

  11. It appears to me that the Russian Federation is moving full steam ahead with stopping the West's messianic world order and creating a more realistic world order, where Ukraine has officially submitted its application for its permanent destruction. You are up NATO! Show the world what you claim you are made of now that you have found and provoked a formidable and determined adversary unlike the cupcake ones who could never defend themselves from your barbarism.

  12. So we now have the absurd situation of two major powers, Russia and NATO, squaring off as if they would actually go to war when both have nuclear weapons and would use them were either invaded.

  13. "The European Union leaders lie to its own people in relation to the real problem of the natural gas supply: it is not scarcity of the Russian gas. It is momentary.
    The real problem is the exorbitant cost of the remaining options. The expensive LNG from the US will remove all competiveness from the economy of the Eurozone and with that its bankruptcy and destructions of its vital industries …. imagine who benefits from this situation … !"
    – iEarlGrey with emphasis added

  14. The Ukraine is a match trying to start a bonfire. Once the Northern Hemisphere starts to revolt (the poorer counties first probably sparked on by the scarcity of food and heating fuel) it will no longer seem very important. The whole show is like the hypnotists gold watch before your eyes.

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