Ukraine Should Admit Defeat NOW! Says Top U.S Military Leader

Despite all the effusive praise the brave Ukrainian military has received in the western press, extolling all the humiliating defeats the Ukrainians have dealt the Russians, the reality on the ground appears to be entirely in Russia’s favor. And that reality was acknowledged on a recent Council of Foreign Relations Zoom call by retired lieutenant general and former deputy commander of United States European Command Stephen Twitty, who told the other neocons on the call that Ukraine simply cannot win this war and needs to sue for peace as soon as possible.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the prospect of when and how the truth about how the war in Ukraine is proceeding will break through the western media blackout.

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  1. Y'know, I like how everyone always neglects to mention that the Donbass has been under constant attack since 2014. Almost daily, the people there were being bombed and shelled and shot right in their own neighborhoods, homes, schools. Only it HAS NOT been by the Russians. The UKRAINIAN MILITARY HAS BEEN ATTACKING THE DONBASS SINCE 2014! Mostly the Azov battalion…..and they have been particularly brutal. They did not give a shit who they murdered! They blew up a school and killed many many children. And this was all okie dokie with the Kyiv government! The people in the Donbass have been BEGGING PUTIN TO HELP, TO INTERVENE FOR 8 GODDAMNED YEARS!! Where the hell were all of you fucking people then?? Where was your righteous indignation then, huh?? Oh! You have no fucking idea what I'm even talking about!! Oh okay…well your complete lack of knowledge and your ignorance and lack of fucks to give, make that stupid "I stand with Ukraine" blue and yellow flag of corruption and lies and murder by globalism, all fine then, you stupid morons. You should all go to Ukraine and go help fight the Russians! Yeah, you should go do that. Good riddance to you!

  2. I believe Reason is a position as well . Russians are reasonable. They want stability. and a buffer zone. and the tattooed Army out of the country.
    The US an the EU who are unreasonable. Non even common sense . I call them out as murderers. Taking advantage of those lacking money.

  3. No one in the United States will remember what the Russians did to destroy the Nazis. Let me remind you. 13 million soldiers lost on the battlefield. That's just the soldiers alone. 25million citizens in total. They don't like Nazi's one bit.

  4. What an inappropriate surname. Twitty. But MSM talking heads STILL always avoid talking about what precipitated/provoked the war. 1) NATO membership threat 2) US-backed 2014 coup 3) 7+ year war against Donbas 4) and yes – three years of 24/7 reds-under-bed maniacal rabid McCarthyist Russiagate bunk and rancidly Russophobic hate-speech from America's Pentagon-Puppet psychopathic media.
    Paul G

  5. The problem with that proposition is that Ukraine can't admit defeat if the USA do not approve. 🙁
    Because we know who calls the shots in this matter.
    But you made that point in the last 2 minutes.

  6. US/NATO is going to use grain as a pretext for direct involvement. Escorting convoys and no fly zone. Which leads to West loss or nuclear war. Russians wont lose. During Iran-Iraq War US convoyed tankers and used as pretext to fight battles against Iran. How can a politician believe extending the war is a good thing. Getting a war in Ukraine is just another reason to be against Dems. Would be nice if the US had as goals medical coverage for all its citizens, getting sick would not cause bankruptcy, education for its citizens and a large and growing middle class but instead the US govt exists to play Stratego and kill millions of people.

  7. They have nothing…you made Ukraine worse than a 3rd world country right now. They will be worse than they were in the 90s when they would prostitute their daughters and wives while siting in the next room…it is really despicable, what you did to them. And those morons haven't realised this yet, they will soon, when europe and others will stop welcoming them…they will have to deal with what they have done to themselves with your help.

  8. Some facts but a lot of bs as well, claiming that Russia is just destroying cities just like Mariupol!! Well thank God for Patrick Lancaster for documenting testimonies from the locals on who destroyed their houses

  9. They are using this crock of shit to nuke NYC. Unfreakin believable.
    You know they printed that on the united states currency.

  10. Ukraine would be negotiating right now but Zelensky took a lot of big paydays to push it too the edge. Then there is also the fact he is going to get liquidated if he backs down or flees. Hopefully he get the treatment anyway for his corruption and destruction and death he caused.

  11. How long before a black market Stinger missile is used to shoot down a civilian airliner? Bitter, resentful homicidal maniacs only need the means for revenge. Naturally, extending the war means many billions more for the usual suspects. Ukraine never had a chance. Enough with the pointless bloody slaughter of innocents.

  12. I think there is little chance that Ukrainian will win but the same could have been said about Afghanistan and the U.S. it cause the Afghan people mass losses and 2 long decades of horror and terror but U.S fire power didn't get the job done.

  13. I saw this coming right from day one. I’m still willing to bet that Russia will negotiate with Ukraine but not until they control everything east of the Kneiper river. There are two reasons for that; first it gives land access to Krimea and second there was a massive oil discovery just recently in the Poltava region. Russia controlling that oil would ensure that they maintain control over European oil supply. Once again, big military actions for oil.

  14. Iraq invaded Iraq! Serbia was occupying Serbia and Russia has invaded Russia! Kuwait, Kosovo and Ukraine are fictions of Anglo-American and NATO foreign policy

  15. Jimmy, these are all glorious and logical thoughts. To save Ukraine, lives, be reasonable, strive for the best for folks…that presupposes that masters care about Ukraine. BUT THEY DON'T!!! From 2014 on Ukraine is a TOOL.

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