Ukraine Shuts Down Opposition News Outlets!

Much newsprint has been devoted to the repressive censorship underway in Russia in the wake of the Ukraine invasion, but censorship and the silencing of opposing viewpoints has been ongoing in Ukraine for a number of years, including the shuttering of critical media outlets and banning Russian social media platforms.

Jimmy and political satirist Lee Camp discuss the increasing abandonment of free expression in Ukraine, Russia and the United States.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. The only Nazis are an extreme Fringe military militia in the eastern part of ukraine. Putin has not shown restraint. Putin is bombing nursing homes and schools and apartment buildings. Putin's army isn't disarray which is the only reason why Keiv is not in rubble. Please stop parodying RT propaganda.

  2. It never was about free speech…its about manipulating public opinion
    by any means necessary, so you get what you want to get…period…
    If you believe you had a gentleman's agreement…you loose…period.

  3. I just read on dutch state news (march 9) that there are 500 civilian casualties in Ukraine so far. And then they mentioned like it was of no particular interest to the story that most of these casualties were in Donetsk and Lugansk.

  4. If you see on Twitter “glory to Ukraine” that is some thing the Nazis had said in World War II when they were fighting the Russians. It’s now a Ukrainian slogan today. I also see people saying they do not want to support fascist Putin yet they support fascist Ukraine. What the fuck.

  5. Zelensky seems to be trying with all his might to be as unpopular as possible. How do you ban or censor a network that has 52 million users. That means he just lost 52 million votes

  6. I read that Russia has found 13 and more biological Labs in Ukraine. These labs produce germs for the military and owned by the USA. In addition, the Russians found a grave in Dunbass has many individuals killed by the neonazis. The two findings are war crimes.

  7. Jimmi D’s relentless attack on Ukraine who is in threath of being taken over by the russians is simply astonising. He probably only stops once Ukraine has been taken by Putins imperials arms and are under russian control and russian Way of Democracy, which Jimmy D do nothing but defend 🙄

  8. Had to laugh when Jimmy said he thought they were done using Russia. They wanted this war for HRC. another reason they were pissed Trump won!! They had to sit for 5 years and wait for this. Sick warmongers. soooo sick

  9. Zelensky said he got his inspiration from Justin Trudeau. Now does this surprise anyone? Remember the truckers were people with unacceptable views. He is currently trying to bring in a bill censoring the internet in Canada! They’re clearly both insane.

  10. The American permanent war psychosis continues and our Orwellian corporate media applauds nazi collaborators and real fascists in the Ukraine International law states no nation has the right to invade another country but our corporate media claims the right of American exceptionalism Do as we say not as we behave

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