Ukraine Slush Fund AUDIT BLOCKED By Dems

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Ukraine Slush Fund AUDIT BLOCKED By Dems

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  1. That's because USA and the west is in on the whole thing and the Ukrainian officials stealing the aid funds are going to hold onto a nice portion of it for them. Does anyone really think greedy USA is going to just let all that money disappear and none of it is going to go into their pockets??? 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️😡

  2. The elites, if they had to work like normal people in society do for there living to earn a wage, the elites can't imagine the real world, there on a different planet 😂 the elites can't say they worked hard these elites, the hard times they never know, but there disastrous policy making all world elites are involved with, have in reality made the world economy worse from there handling of a, privalidged position there in and people suffer the consequences, they are never to blame its all deflected on someone else to cover themselves and yet are rewarded with millions for making a mess and nothing positive only negative results which only effect the people that have To suffer there future and prospects to earn a living is not fully appreciated and the elites, in the world have screwed there economys up plus caused wars thats of there own making, and told to hate an enemy they created, why should I be forced to hate someone I've never met in reality, the world leaders should be kickstart there economys work together and create jobs, and be respectful to each other instead of causing trouble and conflict, there job is to promote the best of there country's potential and fund the talented individuals from there nations to boost confidence to the world economy equal partnership working together and put the mess there all to blame for to the world economy and fix it, peaceful agreements and free access to each others markets guaranteed help and assistance from the governments there dealing with fair system that all nations can benefit from all in it together and to promote there nations in a good way instead of harming its reputation that there nations country's reputation don't deserve, reputation in a positive good way gets admired and a place to do business, projects that everyone is involved with and help each other in the process everyone has a stake and benefits all involved, the best professional people that can do the job and achieving results for there citizens, instead of what's happening currently in the world non confrontation attitude, friendly environment make friends the priorities in all that I mentioned, keep in touch say hello pleased to meet you its not difficult 😂 try it out you might like it, it's all free advice I'm giving doesn't cost you a penny 😂 no personal gain, no hidden agenda fully transparent.. Smile to each other say hello pleased to meet you.. Being miserable ain't hip and is never in fashion and doesn't benefit your true qualitys that everyone has and should promote to help yourself and others.

  3. That is really bizarre, I was logistics within the aus army for a couple of years then moved to milpol for the next ten, every piece of asset is tracked and if there's a discrepancy then an investigation is opened no matter how small or big, this happens at home, wartime, peace missions, lending, etc, for them to not authorise this is clearly a display of corruption and something negative is definitely going on. It definitely doesn't sit right as most of you know. (Eg. If an nvg goes missing during a training exercise it comes to a halt and everyone searches for it).

  4. Wouldn't supprise me if 70-80% of funds went to the black market & into Zelenskyy's goons. The Raping of US tax payers continues… and nothing we can do about it.

  5. Please don’t bring the lies to the public it’s just reckless of the Next Generation you made up to them to Lies. No national Beliefs you, especially the Fundamental corrupted to Zoology 🤡 with Crypto. You can’t cover the Breaking from inside, Despite your support for the People , democracy is not the ways you’ve done for War’s and killed humanity. Don’t Cover me Up, you hack my account. USA 🇺🇸 Bojo .

  6. One of the Donorcrats who opposed the audit said that he is all for accountability and transparency, but not at this time! Yeah, just like “Lord, give me chastity and continence, but not yet!”

  7. Did you ewer ask your self that Ukraine parliament do exist? we never se them arguing about any issues ? We never see there parliament. What is going on ? In every democratic country you can follow. What is going on ? Is Zelenski all what it is of parliament ?

  8. Klik to Ukraine parliament alive . You can see only Zelenski speaking. Please prove me wrong . What this means ?? No opposition ? No anyone just Zelenski . To who we are sending all this aide ? To a one man ?

  9. America trying to cover there buts this just goes to show just how corrup america and England really are. Not only that they know if an ordiet is done Biden family and zelinskzy bank accounts would need to have an ordiet done on them.
    Typical dont do what we do just do what we tell you to do complete dictatorship.

  10. MTG is a fucking moron, but the fact that they are more worried about the taxes on my salary are more important than the billions we are giving the Ukrainian welfare state really seems sus.

  11. audit can't happen because money not going to black market but recirculating back to US Oligarchs and politicians that's why Zelensky is paid to call out for more money. money come from Tax payers pocket so Politicians are very generous. 😜🤪

  12. 2 trillion dollars unaccounted for by the Pentagon again!! On September 12th Donald rumsfeld was to have announced and explained the first 2 trillion dollars that went missing from the Pentagon then September 11th happened then the Patriot act happened makes one Wonder September 11th was an inside Bush administration U.S. government project!!.

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