Ukraine SOLDIERS CAUGHT With Hitler & Nazi Tattoos

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Ukraine SOLDIERS CAUGHT With Hitler & Nazi Tattoos

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  1. You have to realize that Russia views Trump as completely irrelevant to "Russiagate". They view it as Hillary Clinton creating an pretext to go after Russia.

  2. Hello from Russia
    I’d say making a proxy out of Ukraine without nazis would be a hard task: you need an ideology to start fighting Russia. Ban nazis – war will end that day. Still need to clear territory but that’s not war anymore

  3. Zelenski is NOT a real Jew but an AshkeNAZI Zionist. The Ashkenazi Zionists signed the Havarra Agreement with Adolph Hitler in 1933 which stipulated that the Ashkenazi Zionists would support Adolph Hitler in return for his support for the Zio-Nazi plan to kick the Btitish empire from Palestine and establish their Zionist state.

  4. Think about it. Western Governments & Media didn't start propaganda & lying after World War 2! National Socialist never called themselves Nazis! National Socialist never perpetrated genocide & ghastly atrocities as a State policy. That's what Psychopaths do project their evil Deeds onto others. Neo Nazis in Ukraine are acting like "Western propaganda of German Nazis". Starting to look more like a disinformation campaign to muddy the waters of History some more, making it so complicated that a professor couldn't teach it in a semester

  5. I think Russia fool everyone, they first start bombarding the entire ukraine and split the ukraine army into different front and now considerate in the east. No body know their strategy yet?

  6. Me I am an african from Rwanda!! But it is very difficult for me to understand how Volodymyr Zelensky is a nazi and until now he continues to promote the nazist ideology!! He is a fool!! I understand why is puppet of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson!! No man who respects himself can accept to destroy his country on behalf of other people who are far away who use him like remote!!

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