Ukraine Unleashes LGBTQ2+ Unicorn Brigade On Putin – This Is Real



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  1. so they changed their nazi logo wow so it really was a damn neo nazi symbol. what is the fascination the left has with supporting white supremacy. first the german nazis then they make the K.K.K. the teachers indoctrinate tribalism and allow segregation in schools allow races to have their own dances now they try to support countries with nazi symbols on their uniforms. what a cancerous problem we have here in america they all need to be put in reeducation camps. what a bunch of f'n sociopathic racists liberals are.

  2. So far, my tally is $53.8B with recent proposed $800M long range rocket system plus and promises (wink, wink) from Ukraine not to target Russian homeland.

  3. Send the alphabet squad in to fight the war for us. I've been told they're superior beings by virtue of what they like to put I'm their mouth and ass. Let them all go in bro if we're lucky then we might get rid of pride month when they lose. Lol

  4. What has the LGBTQ community accomplished to deserve an entire month, their own flag, and parades in their honor? They are just people with a different sexual preference than most…. that is not an accomplishment.

  5. Most of our money that Tater Head is sending to Ukraine will be laundered back to him and our crooked politicians in Washington DC , Republicans included . None of them give a fuck about any of us . They are all in this together . The time is now or never to do something about it . JMO

  6. Salty army I would like to start the ball rolling to cancel the Rocky horror picture show for positive portrayal of raping heterosexual by a bisexual, I feel like it be the perfect month to get this going it’s time to flip the table and use their rules against them as well, plus it’s just a shitty movie I’d like to see wiped from the earth

  7. Maybe they're trying to use Russian homophobia to win the war. I know that I would take off running if I saw 1000 troops advancing wearing patches that translate to " I suck dick and enjoy butt sex".

  8. are they seriously trying to virtue signal in the middle of a war? don't they realize they are being invaded by a powerful country? Russia made some tactical blunders at the beginning of the war, but now they are advancing slowly but steady.

  9. Just because someone calls themselves a Nazi doesnt mean Jewish hate goes right along with it. Anyone of any colour or race can be a National Socialist. Hell if you think about it a little Israel is a NS state.

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