Ukraine Updates: Russia Pulls Back?, Ruble Recovers, New War Crime Allegations, Orban Narrative

Putin is having a tough time.

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  1. NPR went on yesterday saying we need to convince Putin what it took US 50 years to figure out regarding occupying states without a solid plan. In months…

  2. Some European economies have already been crushed by the EU. Helped of course by local political 'leaders'.
    Portugal being a prime example
    Just consider the incomes in relation to the cost of living for millions of Portuguese people, including many of those in work.
    A largely ignored tragedy in what could and should be a wonderful country.
    In some ways it still is.

  3. Styx so close to Germany as you do, have you noticed any signs of economic blowback from the US/EU sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation?

  4. The whole Russian invasion still feels weird to me because it is not a full on carpet bomb style invasion. It is like a pin prick test invasion to see what kind of military gear the Ukraines have (which I guess has been given to them by the west? Where are the Ukrainians getting their weapons? lol).
    So it feels more like a live fire test run than a full on Blitz Krieg style invasion.

  5. For the most part, you want to surround the enemy at Kyiv in order to pin the military units there down and prevent them from reinforcing the east. This way, they cannot shuffle forces back and forth between Kyiv and the East, effectively making Kyiv the 'rest and recuperate' area for the Ukrainian forces. That's what's in the headspace of the Russians anyway

  6. The EU is an amalgamation of different cultures, with different languages and different values. There is really no unifying properties that can make the European Union a united entity. Aside from sharing a continent and a currency, I see them as a Paper Tiger that few citizens support.

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