Ukraine Using Civilians As Human Shields Says Amnesty International

Amnesty International has been very critical of Russia, not only for the initial invasion of Ukraine but also for human rights abuses committed during the six months-long conflict. Now Amnesty has turned a critical eye on Ukraine, and documented widespread evidence that the Ukrainian military has routinely been intentionally operating in civilian areas, putting non-combatants at risk and leading to many of their deaths. Not surprisingly, Ukraine apologists have accused Amnesty of doing pro-Russian propaganda while President Volodymyr Zelensky has described Amnesty’s allegations as “intolerable” and “victim-blaming.”

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the report and the response to Amnesty’s efforts at evenhandedly judging all sides in every conflict.

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  1. In-bedding among the population for cover is a U.S/terrorist survival tactic , we,ve seen this previously used in Syria, Libya, and Iraq!! difference is no one cared about those populations as oppose to both side,s in this conflict have to be mindful of these!!, hence the meticulous slow go! another area without this particular people and this would be a different scenario, as outlined above in the other the nations!!

  2. Oh now Amnesty International has things to say about months of malfeasance in the war? Now?!
    Now that the parts of high powers behind the scenarios are getting loose on Ukraine for a while! Okay

  3. Zelensky and his other vocal supporters appear to be missing the point, or deliberately ignoring it and they haven't denied that they are putting civilians at risk which would indicate that they are doing it. Amnesty International are not justifying Russian attacks, they are simply stating that the available evidence indicates that the Ukrainian military is deliberately putting civilians at risk by launching attacks from populated residential areas, which I believe is considered a war crime. Highlighting this, does not justify or condone the Russian attacks and war crimes. Also if the Ukrainian military is doing this as the evidence suggests, then its a deliberate tactic because it is something other forces have done in other wars for thousands of years because it has a twofold purpose. Firstly you can attempt to discourage a counter strike due to potential collateral civilian damage, and secondly if counters happen and any civilians are killed the defenders can use it as PR to publicly condemn the aggressor. This is why under international humanitarian law it is badged as a war crime, to discourage both aggressors and defenders from doing it in wars.

  4. It became incredibly obvious this was the case when the media would smear russia for bombing what look like civilian areas and would attack russia's claim that there was Ukrainian soldiers among them but would offer zero evidence to the contrary and would very noticeably avoid filming people being pulled out of the rubble or filming any dead bodies at all.

  5. Does that mean my government (germany) supports war criminals?
    That of course was a rhetorical question. They also support the US in their illegal wars. Oh and no, there is no prosecution against our politicians, SNAFU.

  6. Got to love Maria's response. I wonder if it will ever dawn on her that the Russians had been bombing theaters, hospitals, and schools because they were legitimate military targets and not because the Russians were targeting civilians. Nah, she still believes the Western narrative even when the facts are right there in front of her.

  7. It was sickening to me when the US military or covert US intelligence forces would get things "wrong" and bomb a civilian shelter or building…. but what was even more sickening was some of the reactions from my fellow citizens, which amounted to a shoulder shrug and a "these things happen in war" dismissal. But the reaction from my countrymen that most chaffed my hide was when they would say shit like, "Yeah, well we didn't start this war, they did."

  8. Wasn't this obvious when Zelensky called for civilians to take up arms sent to them by the US instead of forming a peace agreement with Russia to begin with, in the face of a clearly unwinnable war? He obviously didn't and doesn't give a fuck about his own people and their lives, the absolute worst kind of "leader". Putin by comparison is the complete opposite and does everything possible to empower his people and his country, that's why he will go down in history as Putin, the Great who brought the US empire to its knees.

  9. Zelensky sold 17 million hectares of agricultural land to Monsanto, Dupont, and Cargill.
    Zelensky sold 28% of the entire Ukrainian land.
    Maybe Russia should just buy the rest ???

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