Ukraine War Is For LGBTQ Rights Gushes Democrat Jamie Raskin

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin signed on to the House progressives’ letter calling for negotiations with Russia over Ukraine, except now he’s apparently happy that the letter has been rescinded. And if that wasn’t confusing enough, Raskin apparently thinks of Ukraine as some sort of woke paradise, with thousands of women fighting alongside men on the front lines, a flourishing and fully accepted LGBTQ+ community and most soldiers speaking at least two languages.

Guest host Aaron Maté ( and his panel of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the fantasy Raskin appears to have constructed in his mind about Ukraine as a paragon of tolerance and not the most corrupt nation in Europe that’s home to thousands of neo-Nazi militia members.

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  1. The USA government regime is Playing with Fire. Big Pharma, Big Tech and MSM are just the

    USA Gov Regimes Assets used to oppress the citizens of the world.

    It is time for the world to let the global bully "USA Gov Regime" stand alone with all the "BS" it started.

    Why must we support NATO, EU, UN, UK and USA when they started this BS between

    Russia and Ukraine, it's all for profits, for the military industrial complex and it's

    shareholders, People die and the parasitic crime families get rich.

    The job of a journalist is to keep the public informed truthfully on world affairs……

    NATO, EU, UN, UK and USA, are the biggest terrorist operators in the world, Financed by the

    Parasitic Global Crime Families.

    America’s inadequate refining capacity is behind the cost of fuel going up.

    The NWO (New World Order) has three things it needs to complete…

    1) Create a one world Government to control all Nations.

    2) Control the globule economic of all nations…. WEF = You will own nothing and be happy

    3) Create a single global religion to control mankind…. Metaverse.

    Wake up people.

    Will there be a 2022 midterms, Or will it be blocked by propaganda, like a climate emergency.

    In business (WEF) they say… "Sweat your Assets" The asset is the citizens of the world.

    A long time ago, we had Empires… Run by Emperors.

    Then we had Kingdoms… Run by Kings.

    Now we have Countries…… Run by………….

  2. So… he’s against “an autocratic government that’s jailing journalists…”

    That’s so… un-self-conscious, un-self-aware, and frankly, fucking stupid. HE supports the US jailing and assassinations of journalists who speak truth to US War Crimes. Which makes him a war criminal.

  3. Europe is destroyed. NATO today is a slip of what it was six months ago. The US destroyed Europe for psychopathic pleasure. NATO is just a name now. It’s the US attacking Russia AND Europe.

  4. To be fair this might have been before the 2014 coup, but I swear I remember reading stories about the Ukrainian government locking up homosexuals and being like super repressive towards the LBGTQ community

  5. Since I heard about Jamie Raskin's son's suicide, I've always suspected the action of his mendacious POS father played a role. Now that I hear the son was an anti-imperialist, anti-Russia-gater, it seems even more likely.

  6. It is ironic that in the original "Cold War", just after World-War-2, Western propaganda described Russia (i.e. the Soviet Union) as those "evil God-less atheists" and the USA as the land of "good Christian values", whereas today, 77 years later, Western propaganda labels Russia as the land of evil conservative Christianity, trampling on homosexuals and the USA as the land of good, enlightened (i.e. "woke") atheism, protecting homosexuals.

  7. The US left was against entering WW2 as long as Hitler and Stalin were buddies, but once Hitler invaded Russia the party line changed immediately to pro war. Similarly in Vietnam we were fighting communists, not for them, of course the US left was against that. So were many conservatives, by the way, but conservatives tended to think that since we were already there we should win and get out. Now that Putin and Russia have repudiated communism, (Putin knows the bolsheviks were traitors to Russia) and is reviving Russia's ancient Christian heritage, it is entirely naive to think the left would be anti-war. Putin recently gave a speech in which he said Russia had been down the left's road of destroying church and family by promoting promiscuity and perversion, and they would not follow the woke left down that road again. Of course they want regime change.

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