Ukraine War – Kherson, destroyed Ukraine column

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  1. Think is about the West show some strength as this is murder not a game? Think the sanctions will hurt them? Long term yes but the only ones that pay are the citizens!
    I just hope Putin steps a foot into Poland then Nato and the West will reply. Putin thinks he is a peoples person but now he is a Murderer and accountable for war crimes against women, Kids and children!

  2. These are the times when recording is more important than fighting, the fact must be documented what is happening, but the NORMAL CITIZEN OF THE ATTACKED COUNTRY DOES NOT HOLD THE PHONE ONLY A RIFLE OR OTHER WEAPON THAT CAN DEFEND THEIR COUNTRY

  3. oh what a tragedy in war… In the last days perilous times shall come. Wars and rumours of wars , nation rising against nation, pestilences,inequity,lawlessness,hatred and betrayal,increase in wickedness , rampant sin and the love of many growing cold all are happening before our eyes… We are living within the bible prophesies of the end times.We are not waiting for the time to come but it is already here. The signs that would happen before the end time tribulation are in place in the world right now. Believe in the Lord and be saved(16:31) and receive eternal life to be in heaven heaven exhorts the bible when the grace of God is still there.
    The Lord is willing none to perish.Warning signs around us reveal the time to prepare for the coming of Lord Jesus ..Today is the day of salvation-2 cor 6:2.. My heart goes out for all the people in Ukraine and as well even the people fighting against them and both getting killed.My prayers for the war to end..
    The judgement day is fast approaching.The second coming of Lord Jesus is very near..Lord Jesus loves you..

  4. it breaks my heart seeing people go through these type of things. it’s such a horrible thing. sending love, protection and my prayers out to all of them.💗 stay safe everyone!!! ❤️❤️

  5. A lot of people don't see why Russia has done this, because they don't think of it in terms of political interests, but they only see it as they think of things in a common sense, as with family and neighbors. So they never think of Ukraine being used as a military base by Western fascist world dictators, blood thirsty imperialists, who wouldn't mind destroying all of Russia, for the sake of their own ambitious desires, and ideological motivations. So they side with evil, albeit out of ignorance, and do not see why these operations are rational, thinking only on how they feel, based on what the t.v. master propagandists tell them. They are helping evil, and being a majority, make a lot of noise, but if they continue, they will be contributors to the destruction of many cities with nuclear fire. So when they are full of burns and radiation, or dying of thirst and hunger, they will know why they didn't desreve a better destiny.

  6. Украинцы. Складывайте стволы. Вам крышка. Участь Украины это Югославский сценарий. Это в худшем случае. Лучше, если мы объединимся. Вам заново промоют мозг, и будете жить нормально. Берегите свои жизни. Таковы реалии. Что поделать? Историю вершать сильные мира сего. А мы – простые люди, нам нужно детей кормить …

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