Ukraine War Loss “Blame Game” Already Starting

The New York Times is reporting that a key weakness in the United States’ approach to the war in Ukraine is the lack of good intelligence about what the Ukrainian military is doing on the ground, especially when compared to the wealth of intelligence being collected on Russian movements and strategy. This according to the Times’ sources in the intelligence and defense community. So is this true or are the Times’ sources merely laying the groundwork for blaming Ukraine’s eventual defeat on “faulty intelligence?”

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss how the spin of the Ukraine war loss is already beginning.

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  1. Jimmy just stand down. You constantly show us your ignorance of basic world geography. You obviously don’t know the first thing about geopolitics. You are good with the US domestic stuff, just stick to that please Jimmy. You just embarrass yourself when you “go international.”

  2. No problem spying on German leaders and ex American President's, but they don't want to spy on the country who's Military is directing literal Nazi's. Or is it the Nazi's who are directing the Military. Fog of war and all that…

  3. How does “lack of info” equate to military loss by Ukraine military ? Someone is connecting dots here that don’t exist ? At worst this is a stalemate … right now … why is Jimmy selling this strange and destructive…

  4. Same as always, form a narrative+create propaganda + ignore truths on the ground+send "aid", weapons and money+ try to involve NATO+let your proxy loose war+blame everyone else. Typical US government.

  5. Anyone with half a brain could tell from the GET GO that this “war” is just another scam. Where’d the FORTY BILLION go???? Hah! You’ll never know. Hint: Foreign bank accounts, slush funds, payoffs, etc…..

  6. Haha what a turd by the Times. US/NATO has been working with Ukrainian anti-Soviet elements since the end of WW2. They not only armed and trained Ukie forces, they are providing them satellite intel and even helping on the ground. Just like classic WW2 battles, built up lines of defense are being breached, and they will be forced to retreat unless they want to be encircled and crushed.

    Please stop saying "we sent 60 billion over there". It's another money grab by bandits in the US establishment. Very little to nothing going there. Also, US Intel absolutely spies on their fake coerced allies, heads of states and members of Congress.

  7. When the going gets tough, go Jimmy Dore. I used to be a fan of his but his throwing around of the Nazi term and his almost mirror image of what Russia wants him to say is disgusting.

  8. Durham is already hinting that spying on the Trump campaign was also an intelligence failure. We’ll soon be hearing about how J6 Capitol riot turned out to be an intelligence failure.

  9. Ukraine doesn’t want to tell the US everything because the US would probably “leak” that info.
    Personally, I will blame Biden if Ukraine looses.

  10. I had a lot of trouble in high school. I definitely blame that on an intelligence failure…. I remember when this began I posted pictures of Mall girls from Ukraine holding AK whatever's. … It was easy to predict an intelligence failure…. Even though I had a performance in high school. Lol . It's good that we can get together and laugh s*** like war.

  11. Soooo….

    1. We've been training the Ukrainian military and sent them tens of billions of dollars in military aid, but we don't know what their military is up to, including with this training and money? (Might part of the reason be that far-right elements in Ukraine don't want us to know?)

    2. Lindsey Graham has had no clue what he has been talking about?

  12. I hope Uncle Joey can get all the tanks and money and shit back, or get our NATO 'buds' to pay us for them so we can fix the border, petrol problem, baby food shortage, goods transportation and poverty. My money says nobody knows where the money or the military equip is, and we don't have the money in the budget to fix our problems. This should knock the rest of the Dem's diX in the dirt come election time, and make them waggle off with their tails between their legs as they blame the 'ignorant' electorate for their loss.

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