UKRAINE WAR MAP | 23rd-31st Full Frontline update | Russia launches new Offensives.

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  1. Sacco and Vanzetti were two Italian American radicals who were wrongfully accused of murdering a cop at a shoe factory in Massachusetts in 1921. It was so outrageous a phony show trial, and the overwhelming evidence showed they were innocent, that the case gained publicity and notoriety world wide. As part of the worldwide outrage and protest over their case, the Soviets in 1927 named a small collective farm in Donbass after these two American immigrant radicals, to show solidarity with workers in the United States.

    Kind of fitting that the Russians now captured Sacco and Vanzetti, gives the middle finger to American mercenaries in the area. It is an important linchpin of the supply line to Siversk.

  2. There's no countries in the world can fight militaries of 40+ countries in Ukraine,except for Russia.If USA were to attack countries like Serbia or Hungary,they'll need to gather armies of least 12 countries.And they'll need at least 30 years to achieve their goal.USA is just paper tiger.

  3. Drone footage beneficial to tbe ukrainian side? What you work for the ukrainians now? I always new you was always one if those anti Russian for no reason middle American hill billies. 😂

  4. There was no mal-intent from your side, but from the side of YouTube, it is unclear. YouTube is fine with making money from Ʞapitan Ukraïnï Dennis Davidov.

  5. At least we know for the future! The price of the truth? You would do well not to take any side at all as an independent source but you're a bit pro one side? Sort yourself out! How about just reporting what you believe to be the fact.

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