UKRAINE WAR MAP | Russia Continues Soledar Offensive

Written by New World Econ


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  1. Is very disappointing that You find the ISW to be a source of info for your podcast.
    Answer to this : if Soledar and Bachmut are so unimportant why then the Ukrainian army is fighting ' tooth and nail ' to keep them under its control.😈

  2. THE RECENT RUssian Assaults have been carried out well. But what convcerns me , is that Russ could be Burning Out a substantial amount of their best forces in these Urban/ Industrial plant battles, Cos its notable that its not just Wagner but Russ paratroops. This Grind is bound 2 be taking some sorta Toll on them.
    And as for Bahkmut its on a way bigger scale than Soledar. Russia Needs 2 open up a New Font or Fronts NOW 2 ease the Way here . Just what the Hell are theY waiting 4 ? / The Troops / the Logistics and recently the Weather has become Favourable. Just when the Hell is this attack ever gunna start ?

  3. Cool, thank you! Love your style of presnting this. Sorry the place names are so tricky for you! For the train station that you read as Sil — It is simply Ukrainian. In Russian, it is Sol. and that is what the locals call it. The word simply means Salt. The whole town is all about salt! Place names in Ukrainian typically use "i" in places where Russian uses "o" — like Kharkov / Kharkiv.
    Everything ending with -iv or ivka is Ukrainian. In Russian -ov , ovka etc. If you listen to Military Summary, you get a good idea how to pronounce the place names 🙂

  4. great coverage thankyou sir and thankyou for your humane observance of the Russian soldier who risked his life to give them a chance ….Slava Russia …. RIP brave Ukrainian soldiers

  5. Why did Russia wait so long to call-up reserves? I haven’t heard a convincing explanation for that. Even with those reserves, I don’t think they will accomplish much more than liberating Donbas. The original goals of demilitarization and denazification are clearly not happening.

  6. Well it IS "operationally significant" in that if affects a fairly wide area of the Donbas relative to logistics and potential axes of Russian advance. How ISW could deny this is puzzling. Perhaps Woke groupthink has contaminated the august corridors of military evaluation. After all, Lefties are shoving Critical Race Theory down the Pentagon's throat, so ISW may well be taking the current Party Line. BTW nice map analysis NWE. Cheers!

  7. Th fact that Zelensky still sent Cannon fodder to counter attack and try to take the town back probably under the orders of the US tears down this ISW statement.

  8. In the western media ,When the Ukrainian we're in control ,solidar is an important strategic city ,now after the Russian control ,suddenly it's an insignificant small village. good coverage man ,you have a new subscriber

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