Ukraine War More Important Than Solving Americans’ Problems Says Biden Advisor

Legendary linguist and social critic Noam Chomsky recently appeared on Russell Brand’s podcast, where he made some noteworthy comments about censorship in the age of social media. Specifically, Chomsky said that efforts to censor and exclude voices from global adversaries like Russia have become worse than what people living in the USSR experienced in the post-Stalin era Soviet Union.

Jimmy, America’s comedian Kurt Metzger and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss Chomsky’s controversial comments, not only about censorship, but also about how the unvaccinated should be treated during the height of the pandemic.

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  1. Law makers on both sides of the isle agree to fund this war because both are in the pockets of weapon and war contractor corporates

  2. People are not being told the truth and the other options to stop the war. Then idiots like this say they are basically behind their spending to continue the war.We can only assume their govmt wish to cause as much confusion and deprivation for a purpose. Destroy America to save America. We are all being. Taken for fools. We need to reverse this madness. HOW ???

  3. At this point I half expect Putin to fully withdraw all his troops back into Russia and remain completely silent about everything.

    Just so he could spend a couple weeks watching and laughing at the world meltdown over fear that hes about to nuke Ukraine when he isn't.

  4. To correct a problem one has to admit there is a problem. The Democrats keep distracting from the problem , so they don't have to correct the problem. Their bribes from the corporations are more important than you , the America Middle-Class. The democrats make up fake news about Trump and his supporters, because they failed to bring back jobs that were out-sourced during Obama and George W. Bush Presidency. Instead of congratulating Trump on winning the Presidency in 2016 and working together to force the corporations to bring back jobs. They look the other way as the American Middle-Class stays destroyed. Their bribes are MORE important than you.

  5. the people are simply psychotic at this point. what is the end-game here? does the US actually think Russia is going to allow Ukraine to join NATO and put weapons on their borders?

  6. i am a straight white conservitarion male. I watch Jimmy's show all the time on his channel. I truly believe that if he and i were in Congress together that we could cosponsor some bills together to help move our country forward.

  7. putin understands that russia can make more and better weapons than nato, and that china can and will make 10 times that more if needed. putin knows russia could just blitzkrieg west and be at the english channel before christmas.

  8. russia fires 60k arty rounds a day. it has already destroyed at least 4 of the original 12 himars sent a couple of weeks ago.

    — aaron says "there is not a single progressive in congress…" right, delete the rest of that sentence.

  9. Funny how Trump was able to stay out of stupid wars and build our economy.
    Progressives want these stupid wars and crushingly bad economies; progressing to Chinese style poverty and loss of individuality.

  10. Jimmy, you really should say 'We're doing it! '.

    Cos it's the crowd around you, just as much, that are helping to achieve this great feat.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. What Julian Assange said of the Afghan war, also applies to Ukraine now:

    "The goal is to wash money out of the tax bases of the U.S. and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful one."

  12. Love your stuff. I mean, Love you, Steph! Regarding DN!: I have noticed a major shift in their reporting, guest invites, etc. for the past few years and I just realized that Goodman was brought into the law enforcement/intelligence fold during DAPL protest. This was around the time DN! reporting became super whitewashed and seemingly US intelligence vetted. Not and excuse, but the choice between toning down rhetoric and reporting vs. having to start over not just for herself, but for all those names that scroll super fast at the end of the show would be really tough.

  13. Spending billions in Ukraine and nothing changing is much more preferable, at least politically, than spending billions at home and nothing changing. Easier to make the money go bye bye over there as well.

  14. Yes, that is why Trump was upset. He forced the EU / NATO to put their skin in the game. When he walked into NATO and part of his introduction was, "I represent the American taxpayer." They had never heard that before.

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