Ukraine War Report: How Many Losses?

Analysis on estimated Military Losses of the Russian and Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

0:00 ⇒ Introduction 🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦
2:55 ⇒ 🇷🇺 Russian Losses
11:16 ⇒ 🇷🇺 How many for Russia?
14:00 ⇒ 🇺🇦 Ukrainian Losses
21:05 ⇒ 🇺🇦 How many for Ukraine?

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  1. My mate Dave estimates Ukraine losses at 2,465,782 and Russian losses at -456. The reason Russia has a negative amount of losses is because he says Russia managed to resurrect a few hundred Russian soldiers from WWII using their latest top secret technology.

    Well it seems perfectly plausible to me.

  2. funny how he rubbishes ukrane reports about russia casualties while taking reports from russia as legit as if russia has ever told any truth since this war beggin lol.ThEY are still denying that moskva was sunk by ukrane btw lol..Even russian soldiers on front lines in intercepted phone calls admit that over 100k soldiers are casulties since the war beggen in Feb,but nope a russian army cheer leader think otherwise LOL!

  3. So what then? Is Ukraine going to pull more foreign "volunteers" to fight their war, it's all over already.
    As much as I hate Russian imperialism, European and Americans are far worse for intervening and kickstarted the war.

  4. In the ME 6 days war – the IDF suferred some 750 dead, against some 30,000 Egyptinas, Syrians, Jordanians. The IDF administered a Blitzkrieg. There is a huge difference between fightinf in trenches and between a Blitzkrieg, when you deotour the trenched soldiers and surround them.

    Thanks for this nice video. Wish you success.

  5. War sucks. Due to propaganda most seems to forget that the solders are fathers, sons, husbands. It is like humanity as well as truth goes out of the window everytime a war is on. The thing is that both sides dehumanised the other side. That is just to justify killing one and another. It is really common to report higher deaths of your foes in wars. Like you do not what to report your own losses, just the foes side and then you make the numbers bigger due to it looks good.

  6. One issue might be that russian parents wont say that their sons died in battle. They get money from the state in order to say that he had am accident. Thats at least what i heard from a russian. We will not know the exact number of casualties until the end of the or of even mote likely never

  7. You have done a good job on an incredibly difficult subject. Typically, Russian and allied forces casualty rates are similar to enumerated rates studied for conflicts. The variability does come in due to mines, missing, etc. BUT with Ukrainian casualties, the KIA/wounded ratio becomes extremely variable because there have been many instances where Ukrainian wounded have been left on the battlefield or were unable to traverse the distances necessary to get to aid stations. In these situations, which have become more common in areas of heavy fighting, the KIA/wounded ratio is heavily skewed towards the KIA. So, estimating Ukrainian casualties becomes all the more difficult in such situations. Many thanks for the video – one that is a real attempt to grasp the reality of the human cost of the war.

  8. Thats what I'm talking about. Excellent, balanced and incisive analysis. All proceeded by the acknowledgement that these are humans we are talking about, and not some arbitrary sports score.

    Safe to say that all these folks would have preferred to draw breath at the next dawn, or kept their limbs and minds intact. The great failing of humanity is how freely it sends itself to this fate. And how much more of this we are going to see over the remainder of the ill starred decade.

    But a great job Sir, well briefed. BZ

  9. While I wish the answer was that no one was dying, since that's not an option I'd at least like to know what's going on rather than to get bombarded by the propaganda that so commonly masquerades as news. Thanks for putting this together for us.

  10. It’s funny how HL begins by saying war isn’t like a game and we shouldn’t be cheering on death but he loves to make his silly faces in the thumbnails of his videos and point out Ukrainian casualties without bring up Russian casualties. This guys a hypocrite and loves mocking the deaths of Ukrainians

  11. People must understand that he is taking his Ukrainian and Russian estimates from Russian leaning sources so these numbers are bias as hell. Come on man how much are you getting paid? lol

  12. Huge respect for you for pointing out that the casualties are still human beings in the end and their deaths still bring sadness to those close to them

    Also on the 8 dead Ukrainians for one dead Russian i remember a while back Wyatt (DPA) saying that Ukraine's defence tactics sort of resemble the one used by Imperial Japan during the Pacific War (Fighting to the death and make the enemy pay for every inch) there they did manage to Delay the US advance tremendously but at the cost of them taking more casualties than the Americans in the end could this be a similar case?

  13. It's hard to believe because of how much western media brainwashed us with no sources. 16k Russians dead and 80k Ukrainians dead…. I hope this war will end soon. Thank you so much for this report

  14. There is a troubling detail in Van Der Layen's announcement. She does not speak of soldiers but of officers. She may confuse the two, but at this level of power, speeches are prepared, reread, etc. before being delivered. If in speaking of 100,000 she was speaking of soldiers then we arrive at the number which you have calculated. If, on the other hand, she really speaks of an officer (we are going to say officers and non-commissioned officers), that would mean that the losses are even higher.

  15. I think you could just as easily make a video that came to the opposite result. The casualties are probably pretty similar on both sides. Also, Col. MacGregor is not very credible. He's alone among American ex-military people in his Russia-friendly views. Against him, I will rather trust the 10 or 12 generals who disagree with him.

  16. There's actually proof that the Ukrianian estimates of Russian deaths are pretty accurate. When Ukraine said it was 50k dead, a document leaked from the Russian financial ministry. It applied for compensation for the families of roughly 49700 dead Russian soldiers. This video disputes those figures on the grounds of numbers publicised by the Russians and the socalled DPR, both notorious liers with a huge interest to keep those numbers low in the media. Also, that the Ukraine "keeps saying 10'000" is a misrepresentation. There have been reports of up to 30k KIA on western media (publicised by Ukraine itself) that you conveniently leave out. And at the end, you give yourself the coup de gras by citing Douglas McGregor, a known right extremist and anti-semite that has been wrong about pretty much everything in this war. That pretty much sums up what your bias is.

  17. Interesting but pointless video and it`s mostly based speculation. Medusa numbers are based only on internet information and i`ll be surprised if they even got 20% of the total casualties, since they also have a lot of missing and not every death soldier have family, or his death is annoyance Is social medias.
    Led`s asume DNR are not lying about their casualties, from 20k soldiers they suffered almost 5k KIA and that is like 25% of the regiment starting strength also that is kind of confirmed by Russian sources who claim that LDRN a lot of their trained infantry. LNR forces participated in the heavy fighting in Rubesne, Popasna, Severodonetzk and Liman and it`s reasanoble to estimate they also lost 20-25% of their starting force. So casualties only in LDRN should be around 9-10 KIA from 40k starting strenght.
    LDRN forces were like 20% of Russia starting strenght, but RF also send probably around 30-50 k more soldiers, including a lot of poor trained, armed and lightly armored russgvardia and mercenaries. Also, LDRN forces had a lot of veterans with a lot of experience and motivation, they were using drones in higher number than most Russian forces and their artillery was considered more accurate. Assuming LDNR they suffered higher percentage number of casualties because RF forces stormed Izum like maniacs and first tank army suffered heavy casualties seem biased. But even so even if RF forces lost KIA only 15% of their deployed strength, we are talking about number much bigger than the provided here 16k.

  18. Some people are too pro Russian or so pro Ukrainian that if something isn't what they wish then it's clearly not a fact they'll look for ways to twist it around…

    Well, it is what it is. The earlier the war is stopped, the better. Russia isn't running out of neither fire power nor missiles any time soon. We're just not realistic.

    Even the Ukrainian general in charge of the war made it quite clear. Honestly I can't imagine soldier facing over 10k explosions daily. Modern combat isn't cool at all.

    These guys have got to stop this. NATO played a dirty game by expanding after the fall of the soviets. US wants to weaken Russia and a fool is anyone who is believing that because Russian nuclear forces are on standby.

    The war in Ukraine isn't even upto an outright conventional war. If NATO or US dreams of anniliating Russia they should just remember about MAD. Russia has what it takes to drop Nukes in every European nation and in every US state.

    When the war started I spoke to a Ukrainian and to A Russian then I realized their both nations have been used. The support for Urkraine is due to a hatred towards Russia not out of love for Urkraine.

    Russia isn't getting any weak. Their currency is best, they've made thrice more money than previous years due to increase in prices of commodities as a result of the sanctions.

    Time to stop the war. Europe still buying Russian gas US still buying Russian fertilizer but Ukrainians are dying everyday. End this war.

  19. One of the best videos estimating losses.
    HL : would you be able to check lates analysis from Bakhmut done by Perun and provide some type of response?
    What you agree with and what you don’t? Kind of, an analysis of the analysis.
    I would really appreciate that immensely.

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