Ukraine War Russian troops crossing the Dnieper in Kherson Oblast

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  1. Putin asked Ukraine not to militarize or join NATO. Had Ukraine joined NATO they would be able to nuclearize, and that was a violation of their agreement. Please stop defending Ukriane, Ukraine and Biden attempted to extort Russia with the Nord Stream 2 Gas pipeline. When it didn't work, they attempted to strong arm Russia with a NATO militarized buildup in Ukraine that would eventually lead to a nuclear Ukraine, which is a clear violation of the Budapest Memorandum, not to mention many other legal precedence that give Russia every right to initiate a military operation into Ukraine to annex it. The greed of Ukraine and US political gangsters started this war. They made their bed, now they must lay in it. The days of US New World Order liberal power in the world is gone. The world will now have two points of view that will have to be respected. No more one sided propaganda or manipulation by just the US, and NATO. The west will no longer dictate law under the guise of power and control.

  2. Problem for Ukraine coming from British and American , Start arms Ukraine direct from American 2,5 billion dollars of arms ,2000 rocket misal from England plus arming from another country,and closed Russian Weath Nato Surendrring country .One by one , American is directly have responsible for the war of course England is next.Neo looks for international law and Forget Irak and wepen for massive distraction.Libija,Siria, and direct responsibility for milion refugee today migration to Europe .

  3. These are the times when recording is more important than fighting, the fact must be documented what is happening, but the NORMAL CITIZEN OF THE ATTACKED COUNTRY DOES NOT HOLD THE PHONE ONLY A RIFLE OR OTHER WEAPON THAT CAN DEFEND THEIR COUNTRY

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