Ukraine War Was ALWAYS About Dividing Russia & Germany

The establishment media and politicians would have us believe the Ukraine War is all about a plucky underdog repelling a bullying, much larger neighbor. In reality it’s about much more than that – among other things a key U.S. objective of this proxy war is to prevent Russia and Germany from aligning and creating a trans-European alliance that could challenge American economic hegemony across the globe.

Guest host Aaron Maté highlights just some of the prominent individuals who have pointed out the U.S.’s long-running interest in driving a wedge between Germany and Russia.

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  1. “Americans don’t read books”-Allen Dulles”
    There are essential books to help one understand what these monsters have engineered and perpetuated for decades-but lies need a lot of maintenance. Russia is no longer enslaved and hasn’t been for quite some time-it has been a Sovereign country and gradually unshackled itself in the last few years. We see the consequences right now-the Hegelian Empire that created all this is failing-
    The first thing to understand is Establishment History is the wall of lies that perpetuated it all for quite some time, incomprehensible for most people.

  2. Thank you Aaron. You seem to have some sympathy for our dire situation here in Germany. I'm not sure we deserve it. But thank you for your reporting from a Canadian/ German citizen.

  3. Once they (Nato) take out Putin and replace him with their puppet, Russia will be invited to join Nato. Then the European mafia cartel will be complete and the Don will be the United States.

  4. Pick your side. She's right, if Russia isn't stopped now it will become more belligerent and Europe was headed deeper into dependency on it. Consider the blowing up of the pipeline tough love. So it benefit the US, so what; it benefit Europe more to be pushed away from Russia and more independently focused in future.

  5. This thesis makes no sense (because of course it doesn't). A democratic Russia is far more likely to integrate with the EU then kleptocratic Russia. And a pre-war Russia was both stable and kleptocratic. There's no guarantee that a Russian collapse in Ukraine leads to a democratic spring in Russia. That being said it's more likely then it was before the Ukraine war.

  6. So sad that the 1% seem to have a grip on this handbasket to hell. Do they really suppose they will be safe in their underground cities when they release their nukes?

  7. As much as I want to stay informed, it makes me sick to see so much cynicism and hypocrisy openly displayed by so many despicable members of this government, so I had to stop watching. Thanks Aaron!

  8. wouldn't Germany speak up and call out DC for putting their people in harm? liberals hate American imperialism but have no problem with this. AMAZIN! it is the Matrix.

  9. This pro-russian propaganda is getting REALLY embarrassing. OF COURSE were not going to let Putin gobble up Europe. Wtf are you people smoking? He wont stop trying to recreate zsarist "Great Russia".

  10. Pro-Kremlin, pro-dictatorship propaganda. Why don’t you talk about how this bloody regime brainwashed Russian population and turned the country into a zombieland. People die on the frontlines in senseless war and go to jail and get tortured like in Middle Ages simply for saying “no war”… Свободу России

  11. I'm so glad I turned down ExxonMobil recruiter that wanted me to work on the building of liquid natural gas pipeline in North Dakota. On that note, it is insane the USA is in a proxy war with Russia over natural gas supply that has about a 20 year lifespan. 😳

  12. Depend on the bounty of American oil and gas?! Ha! What a crock of shit! How can anybody say that when libtards want to ban oil and gas production in America?! The only time I can remember we ever produced our own energy instead of importing it was when Trump was President!

  13. Jimmy Dore is going to look even more evil when the torture and death camps are further exposed. Putin literally said this week that Russia is "fighting for their ancestral lands" in Ukraine. That is not a legal reason to invade another country and destroy it. If that becomes a justification, then thousands of wars and genocides may be permitted. I can understand why Dore wants some attention and viewers, but eventually he'll be proven to be an apologist for atrocities.

  14. AND the FBI / CIA and government officials are consummate liars and deceivers who openly, on camera,
    deny any US instigation and involvement. SCUMBAGS – bring back the guillotine (the French had it right) !!
    The US (government – not the citizens) is the deceiver NOT Russia. WE are the criminal – face it !!
    NOW, what are we going to do about all the lies, deception, woke and society restructuring ??!! WHAT ??

  15. I m German and I attended Highschool in the US. It sickens me as I feel for both worlds. Its obvious we are getting fucked by the US, than again, the Boss is the Boss and u obey until u do better…shit is twisted.

  16. This is politics. It's been done this way for years, nothing changed. We are just sheep with no power and never will. If Trump was president there would be no war and Putin would not dare. BUT, it's not the reason all Trump supertasters turn to be pro-Russian pro-communist. And who knows maybe Trump would not fu*ck with Putin and there would be a war anyway. And it would not be just a proxy war.

  17. The USA are hell bent on their goal to overthrow Russia and they see any alliance between Germany as a threat. They also see balloons in the sky as a threat.
    However, the consequence of their action, which were built on a 2014 premise which was flawed, that Russia was financially weak, has pushed Russia and China together.
    USA made two mistakes, it is America which is financially weak with huge debts, Russia has no debts but huge natural resources. China is also financially stable and in fact loans to America are from China. USA has placed itself into a very precarious position and taken Europe down with it.
    The propaganda from USA is easily contradicted by video evidence, that USA was planning this conflict, even before 2014 as far back as 1991. They assume, and are correct, that most Americans will believe what they are told and are too lazy to find the truth themselves.

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