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  1. .🔍 (Technology Factor) – Nato's air-based missile trials were/are unable to achieve Mach 5 speed. That is where hypersonic speed begins. The Kinzhal missile has long reached Mach 8. The Avangard missile does exceed Mach 20 speed (Col. General Viktor Yesin, May2022Tass). The Tsirkon missile can reach Mach 9. ☯ The Gordian Knot: The Federation of Russia employs a technology (mhd) that would require competitors 30 years of intense research to try and catch up. Even if/then, the Federation will be further ahead! Basically, u$a lost it, Nato is obsolete. For the Occident: game is over. Either build the Future or dig your grave.

  2. What Putin will win now with many sacrifices will be lost in less than 10 years on the negotiation table. For one reason only: to make it legal a treaty must be signed. Bilateral or international treaty. If Putin doesn't want a deal , the next Russian president will want one… Or maybe Russia will give-up mineral resources control over US and EU companies and get instead land in Ukraine.

  3. Ukraine will lose in days? Americans and Europeans are flooding Ukraine will all sorts of aids……Ukraine might still have a chance, no??

  4. When Soviet Union invaidet Finland in November 1939 so called Winter War htose troops were Ukranians who first invaided Poland and after that came to Finland to be not so happy campers. What is a wrong with you, you want the big bully to win. You said that Russia lives a real economy seling goods not a Casino economy like West. Yeah and the money goes to olygargs.

  5. Great work Jackson, militarily Ukraine is a lost cause. American military people in the pentagon have said as much . With Defense Secretary Austin an Chairman of the joint chiefs Milley calling their opposite halves in Russia a few days ago to see if a ceasefire could be arranged. Now if Ukraine was winning,why would the Americans who are backing them,ask for but not get, what they asked for from the Russians??

  6. As the west sends more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine we can fully expect Russia to target anywhere in Europe with hypersonic cruise missiles. They a certain have the justification.

    Hopefully, this will happen as a warning in the first instance. But the west is pushing Russia into using nuclear weapons.

    The warmongers are pushing their luck.

  7. I hope Russia retaliates NATO arming the Ukraine by stationing nuclear weapons in Cuba and Venezuela. And helps Iran shut down the Hormuz straits.

    America is stirring up a worldwide shitfest.

  8. Tried to send Scot Rider . A combination of fighters and maybe bombers a total of 25 headed east northeast. I don't think they're going on a European vacation. I concerned that we may witness direct involvement in Ukraine since the ground forces of Ukraine are in trouble.

  9. On two precedent world wars, USA was never striked, it's Europe, Russia, Africa and Asie who've suffered……the next one will be different, they're a target now….

  10. Why has Russia invaded a foreign country and is trying to build its own order here? For a second, let's even assume that the Nazis are here. What is Russia's business before this? It's none of her business what other state's internal politics are like. At the expense of the Minsk agreements. Both sides did not fulfill them – both Ukraine and the LDNR (read, for example, point 10). At the expense of "Bombed Donbass". According to the UN, the main reason for the death of people in Donbass was indiscriminate shelling through the fault of the militants of the LDNR and the supply of weapons to them by Russia. Example:
    artillery shelling of Mariupol in January 2015, 30 civilians died, more than 100 were injured (including children). Here is a fresh one – a blow to the drama theater in Mariupol – about 500 dead (this is already fresh, according to the OSCE, the tragedy happened as a result of a Russian attack). At the expense of people covering the APU. The militants of the LDNR did the same thing – Givi and Motorola fired from the ten-story buildings of Donetsk, in which PEOPLE LIVED at that time. At the expense of the phrase "Where were you for 8 years?". Ukraine REGULARLY called for the introduction of peacekeepers to the Donbass, but Russia almost always refused (only once Putin agreed, but then they could not agree on the areas that would be patrolled). So draw conclusions, through whose fault people died in the Donbass. Note that I have always referred to non-Ukrainian sources

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